Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 30-01-2022 | 3.2.x | Referrals



  • Get free gems by inviting your friends through referrals.
  • Added a setting to disable the event feed.
  • Adeed a toggle for event feed. (TAB | SPACE)


  • Event feed messages no longer disappear over time.
  • Added back the scoreboard with username for camp mode.


  • Fixed timed challenges displaying wrong times.
  • Fixed getting an error when trying to claim timed challenge rewards.
  • Fixed stats where a lower score is better not being set.
  • Fixed highscore challenges summing values.
  • Fixed gap points being counted towards stolen points.
  • Fixed stats being tracked for camp mode.
  • Fixed getting bronze crates for camp mode.
  • Fixed the scrollbars on the records profile page.


Thanks! Another bug I noticed was that power dash was not showing as a power in-game, meaning that if someone had power dash equipped, then I wouldn’t be able to see it, it would show only one power. Also, I could see hitboxes for some reason when shots made contact with curves or walls, and death hitboxes too. This might just be me though…