Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 29-05-2019 | 1.7.10 | spawns & balance



  • Spawn positions are now random after the 1st round.


  • Fixed the issue where the scoreboard was off by 1 point sometimes.


  • Multi shot attack increased to 15.3% (was 15.2%)
  • Homing attack increased to 5.5% (was 5%)
  • Time bomb attack increased to 13.5% (was 12.9%)
  • Brake defense increased to 21.8% (was 19.9%)
  • Speed burst defense increased to 6.3% (was 4.8%)
  • Hide self defense increased to 4.7% (was 0%)


  • One shot attack decreased to 14.4% (was 15.9%)
  • Double shot attack decreased to 15.5% (was 15.8%)
  • Side shot attack decreased to 14.4% (was 14.7%)
  • Scatter shot attack decreased to 21.2% (was 22%)
  • Laser attack decreased to 11.5% (was 13%)
  • Zap attack decreased to 20.6% (was 21.3%)
  • Trippy attack decreased to 11.8% (was 12.2%)
  • Curve-blind attack decreased to 11.8% (was 13.6%)
  • Speedy attack decreased to 11.1% (was 11.6%)
  • Reverse attack decreased to 7.8% (was 8.1%)
  • Mine attack decreased to 9.5% (was 10.2%)
  • Stealth mine attack decreased to 8.9% (was 9.4%)
  • Jump defense decreased to 9% (was 11.2%)

PATCH 1.7.11 (May 29th)

  • Fixed the issue where players could spawn outside of the border after players left.

PATCH 1.7.12 (May 31st):

  • Player indicator is now always visible at the start of each round.
  • Spawn area has been decreased so players spawn further from the border.
  • Ships will now spawn facing toward the centre of the arena.

Guide: Understanding your Powers

Wait a second…

  • Zap attack decreased to 20.6 (was 21.3)

[insert Ode to Joy here]


You guys keep nerfin’ me side shot… But keep buffin’ me time bomb


I just died because I randomly spawned outside of the playing field. I assume it happened because someone left the game between the rounds or at the end of round 1.


This bug was already reported but seems more pressing, as random positions were introduced with this update.



We just put live a new patch that should fix the spawning outside / on the border bug.


cuz they love my time bomb and brake combo for some reason


Dang lucKYYYY


Some modules are still way too powerful.
These 0,5-1% nerfs are not too effective.
For example, scatter still has 21,2%. Imagine a fight between 2 players, both on 210 points. One gets a random hit with scatter, which gives 45 points. That makes a 90 !!! points difference, 255, and 165. The leader commits a suicide, and there is no way, that the other player can climb back from 165. Others may sit on the same, or less points, and even the leader can spam, and distract him with turrets. After 5-6 rounds of trying, surviving, fighting for points, one random shot can make this difference. And this is also kind of the same with zap.
I hope, it’s not only me, who finds this very very unhealthy…


yeah i totally agree


Sure scatter is strong, but first you need to get close to the leader :joy: which is not an easy task (in let’s say diamond+ arenas), I sometimes try to attack the first 2 players all game and never get a hit with scatter.


Have a follower on the field, and a hide+scatter from nowhere. You are done…
Or have a speedzapper.


Hey, i call speedzaps “sappers”


lol xD


Thank you team, great work <3