Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 29-04-2019 | 1.7.0-1.7.1 | friends & chat


:tada: Friends are here!!

In this update, we’ve added a much-requested feature to the game: a friends list! You can now search for, manage and chat with your friends anywhere in the game in the all-new social window!


  • A friends list feature! You will be able to search for other players using their username and add them as friends, as well as see any pending friend requests and accept, or reject them. Once you’ve accumulated some friends in your list, you can see if they are online (or not), and do things like:

    Spectate their match :eyes:
    Join them in play :busts_in_silhouette:
    Chat :speech_balloon:

  • A new social window (which includes the chat) that is available anywhere!

  • You can continue chatting after leaving a game until you join a new game.

  • You will be able to chat in private with friends.

  • Quickplay chat has been replaced with global chat. New accounts need to play at least 10 games until they can access global chat.


  • Matchmaking quality improved - This will mean longer waiting times in most cases, however, the waiting times were previously quite short: in the previous match making update the waiting time was reduced by half for lowest and highest ranks.

  • Field sizes have been adjusted.

  • Made streamer-mode less intrusive - Beam has been removed and the spotlight sie has been decreased.


  • All bullets now have a separate collision area for hitting ships. Their size is 3x as big as that with lines, making it a bit easier to hit moving players.

Ballance Update


  • Single-shot attack increased to 18.6% (was 17%)

  • Double shot attack increased to 18.9% (was 17.2%)

  • Side shot attack increased to 17.5% (was 15.7%)

  • Multi-shot attack increased to 19.1% (was 17.4%)

  • Homing attack increased to 11% (was 9.9%)

  • Laser attack increased to 13.3% (was 12.1%)

  • Thick attack increased to 13.5% (was 12.8%)

  • Low-res attack increased to 13.2% (was 12.1%)

  • Trippy attack increased to 13.5% (was 12.4%)

  • Curve blind attack increased to 12.9% (was 11.7%)

  • Clock block attack increased to 8.9% (was 7.7%)

  • Speedy attack increased to 12.2% (was 10.9%)

  • Reverse attack increased to 6.9% (was 6.2%)

  • Steer-less attack increased to 13.4% (was 11.9%)

  • Mine attack increased to 11.1% (was 9.9%)

  • Time bomb attack increased to 11.4% (was 10.1%)

  • Time bomb activation delay decreased to 0.45s (was 0.6s)

  • Time bomb explode delay decreased to 0.55s (was 0.6s)

  • Trigger bomb attack increased to 13.6% (was 12.1%)

  • Stealth mine attack increased to 8.8% (was 7.9%)

  • Brake cooldown decreased to 4s (was 6s)

  • Jump cooldown decreased to 4s (was 8s)

  • Speed burst cooldown decreased to 6s (was 8s)

  • Hide self cooldown decreased to 6s (was 8s)

  • Turret rotate-speed increased to 100°/s (was 40°/s)


  • Time bomb trigger size decreased to 120 (was 160)

  • Brake defence removed (was 30%)

  • Jump defence removed (was 30%)

  • Speed burst defence removed (was 30%)

  • Thin defence removed (was 30%)

  • Hide self-defence removed (was 30%)

  • Turret attack decreased to 1% (was 2%)

Revert the nerf on turrets or remove them entirely
Guide: Understanding your Powers

Love the matchmaking improvements. This random circle appeared in our game. Stayed after a round change too.


There are some small issues atm but we’re working on fixing the bugs :bug: and server issues!


yasssssss <3

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssss <3

interesting as Idk but i felt like the last month i’ve been hit through my curve way too often, but it’ll be interesting to try out.

This is ace, I actually quite like playing with streamer mode anyway as when you are shooting stuff like fevers across the map, it can take a moment to refind your ship. Hopefully when I’m done with exams I’ll get a few more streams and perhaps also a couple of yt videos out <3

Long awaited update and if its as good as it sounds its amazing <3


Wasn’t a complaint - just a report :slight_smile:


With all the defense gone @theangelov be like:


this is beautiful


The ‘rejoin’ game feature seems to have stopped working as well.


I saw some people complain that now board can’t be across full screan because of chat box. So maybe in game you can add shortcut to minimize and maximize chat box. And when chat box would be minimized, actually it would be like before (minimized and tranparent) showing just current game thread.


I used to dislike the turrets, because it’s very annoying for players, who usually survive long, and i never liked using it…
Now it’s buffed, so i categorically hate it. It’s super easy to hit, if it’s a long 1v1 in the 5th-6th round, you can get hit by all 3 players constantly, losing way too many points (even if it’s attack has been reduced).

I would be so happy if u would remove them at all!!!


The only problem for me is turrels.
Good Game everybody !


Dont worry about your English! C’est parfait!

I disagree with you on all the points except the turrets: I prefer the smaller screen as it makes games more intense and the wider screen gave a massive advantage to those starting to the sides of the screen.

Also finally the chat isn’t overlapping the game - this is something I’m super happy about as it’s annoying to curve and have writing popup around your shop.

I personally like the new focus on the social aspect of the game and people are being way more friendly than before too!

I completely agree about the turrets however, I feel like higher ranked rooms should have less turret turn if we need turrets at all. It seems the higher the rank the more the hate for turrets whilst at low ranks people love them.

In general I’m glad they devs continue to update and change the game. Doing so is proving that they are willing to test different ideas to perfect the current game. In general some changes can “hurt” but the general direction of the game is moving slowly and steadily in the direction it needs to!


I correct here because i cannot send a new message.

My bad finally, new time for the color this time, when i say it’s darker than before. I was very surprised and maybe it’s because i have problem with my eyes but i don’t think my problem has a report / link with it. It was because I was very shocked.

So the real problem is about the turrels, we cannot give too much powers to dead people, they can harass us, it’s not fair. And there’s a lot of things we can say about it.

Good job devs. I was very surprised, my eyes were turned to the dark and not to lighter colour. Just a time question to realize. It s like you’re watching something you can find it cute or ugly firstly but after time, your opinion can change.

So, real mistake of me and i found necessary to correct what i was saying previously.
So, thanks to Dev for their works and Good game everybody ! don’t have to say anymore, it’s already a lot :slight_smile:


My opinion about turrets is that before this updates they were pretty much good balanced. Maybe the factor curve could be slightly higher.Sometimes I even used them in a way that I allow them to hit me just to be able to jump across line. Now the curve factor is to higher. The problem is that now you don’t have just one chance to shoot with one turret, you have countless chances. This is very distracting for surviving players, so they often decide to give up instead of losing tons of points. Other updates looks good for me now. I would like to see some statistic after two, three weeks to consider how new turrets affect on game.


HOLY FRICKIN HECK DUDE… is the update live… Plz I hope so


updates yay


You sound sarcastic lol


I consider this update as step completely in the wrong direction.

I start with turrets. Even before in higher league matches, people are skill enough that they could really take you down, now you give this possibility to much bigger group of people. I saw that it was possible to take 30 points by turrets in previous version. With this turning ability it can go skies. I would appreciate even less rockets like in tournament matches.

Now towards buffs and nerfs. In the silver and lower gold leagues, you will meet a lot of players, that are ruining game by suicide tactics. If you meet three guys, speed zappers or with multishots, game ends most of the time in first fifteen seconds, because they killed themselves. If you match high ranked player with low rank players (like it started to happen much often) it leads to absolute randomness with high possibility of loosing a lot of rank points. This ruins a game, because it slowly draws you into absolute random game, where best possibility is to take also zaps to compensate and such game is not funny. At least for me it is not. Don’t get me wrong I can appreciate good speedzapper with some skill but it is not the case in lower gold and silver ranks.

I would like also add a small complaint about homing attack. I understand, its purpose is to give players bigger benevolence of shooting angles, but they are turning almost 180° and that is too much. Don’t you think of getting back towards situation, where it could be redirected? Like getting possibility for players to avoid rocket if it touch them just slightly? Maybe even getting them more steal percentage with this debuff.


Congratulations for the new update.
I agree with a lot of you about the turrets. It’s now super easy to hit someone.

If I understood :

1-100pts : 1pt stolen per turret
101-200 : 2pts stolen per turret
201-300 : 3pts stolen per turret

I would see the statistics but it’s obvious in relation with what I experienced that you have about 1 chance out of 2 to get hit with a turret. And this probability increases of course in Diamond/Master/GM rooms.
For people who play survival - which was the aim of the game initially - it’s now a big disadventage.
In the last round of my last game I lost around 30-35pts only because of the turrets, preventing me to win. (hit 10-12 times)
I was hit every 3 secs at the end lol.

I won’t say the same than @p.peti
Actually, it’s useful to force early dead boys to still focus on the game.
And I totally understand that you made it simple to steal someone with the turrets : it was frustrated to miss someone and then wait 5 secs to re-attempt and fail again because of the small collision area or the slow rotate speed. It is actually really tough to balance it well.

As a time bomb user, I need to get used to this new version of the weapon. But I think it is actually better. It’s obviously less op.

BUT WHAAAAAT how can you remove defense from actually almost all defensive powers and not removing it from Angle Turns ??? (Yes I hate people using it with laser or Time Bomb.)

Do something with Clock Block. Really, nobody uses it and that won’t come with this new update.
Homing attack buffed to 11% : I was already scared of it at 9.9%. It will be my nightmare now, without my defensive power effect, brake.

For the friend list, it looks great. Congratulations.

To conclude, I’ll talk about this trend that started a month ago but now it changes it all.
I think that now, defensive powers will be underused. The game is all about stealing and less surviving (removing defense, improving turrets, increasing all attacks…). Before this update, I think everything was well-balanced (except this Angle Turns defense. REMOVE IT. :stuck_out_tongue: ).
That means that focusing on someone could be really annoying. And a lot of GMs will now lose lots of points in Gold/Diamond Area because of this focusing, with the new turrets and the increased attack powers.


Guys Ive seen the update but i was wondering how come i can only friend some people and not any other people. Like for example my first person was @Property and then I tried @DefaultBoi but it didn’t work and then there was a gm, earsinge, and it did not work plz tell me whats wrong