Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 29-03-2018


Before this update there were not a lot of speeders, Now we can say that no one will play speed except for crates lol. I thought I could encourage people to play speed after my video (I had a lot of fun to do it, but I can’t any more it seems) but now you totally ruin that by making speed totally useless. It is pratically impossible to rekt people with 1 speed and to have fun with it. Especially when there are shooters or jumpers, there is really no chance for speeders. I can play other powerups for crates but I will never have fun like I had with speed. I hope you will change this update on speed ASAP. If not I am sorry but I quit again another cf. I hope people who like speeds think the same…

And seriously no one complained about speed burst, it is not op at all and more and more people were playing this according to me so why change that?


I understand your concerns, our goal was not to make speed burst “less fun”. There were two main reasons for changing speed burst:

  1. It was bugged, the stacking was not working as desired (values were incorrectly multiplied)
  2. It was a bit harder than we wanted to control the ship while going fast, so we improved the turning radius

Thank you for the feedback!

Green speed is dead!

Topics about individual modules don’t get enough attention at all ,so let me write it here where you guys will read and hopefully fix this module. I’ve had the angle turn module for 2 weeks now ,its been unplayable since the first day because when u press “too fast"you end up crashing into your own line .I’ve died 100 times like this and finally gave up on the module. The only solution for me was to not press my keys " too fast”.Honestly I dont even hit the keys that fast ,i try to turn until my lines are almost touching ,something similar to cf2,but even that is not possible .This makes it less efficient when you are in a small camp …this kills the module .Please fix it on your next update.


angle turn module?


Steering module at lvl 6 for tetra.


This is similar to cf3 and the timing is something you can get used to. For me the biggest problem is that you cant navigate small spaces with the angle turn because the ship head always hits the walls even if your line wouldnt hit it. Saying this, the module is fairly OP anyway so i think this is OK. (Still annoying though that even if ur good with it you cant show ur proness)

EG (blue line):


The improved steering radius is ok - it makes it a bit more like cf2 which was more skilled that cf3. BUT you also made it a lot slower. When I tested it this morning, using 1 speed was the same as using 2 or 3. This shouldnt be the case.

Speedy fever - the only legendary module I have seen so far - kinda OP in the same way as laser was before. its possible to counter with multiple jumps or multiple brakes but the steering makes it kinda bs - even with the best control it is uncontrollable. I’ve gotten 2 basic crates from this module so far :confused: I would say that it would still be a strong powerup if you made it so that it just gave the speed affect without the big turn radius affect - it just wouldnt be as OP.

Laser - I don’t mind the charge up, and I have mixed feelings about the warning line. On the one hand the warning line means you can see the line in advance (as the one shooting it) and therefore turn to make the laser affect a larger area, on the other hand, its quite easy to dodge and easy as heck to shield against. I think that either you get rid of the warning lines and just have a red dot showing that its charging - making it harder to aim and harder to predict with shield - or you keep the warning line and make it that shield doesnt defend against laser. It is now easy to dodge so I think its fair.

Time bombs are nice to use now - thank you!

Fevers too (outside of the speedy one) are nice to use - thanks!!

Overall, this update has made shield and jump even more OP - brake is also an even better option now. I think that if speedy fever gets changed so that it only gives the normal speed effect and shield is made so that it only defends a single “impact” like 1 mine, 1 shot etc, and then can’t defend against a prolonged shot like laser or an energy bomb like ZAP, then it would still be usable, just not OP. Also, jump won’t be as OP when you fix the bug of jumping over people killing them - maybe a 0.2 second cool down would be nice too.

I’m looking forward to the next update.


I completely disagree that lasr is unusable. Lasr was really op before this update, and now I think it’s more balanced. A skilled lasr player can still definitely kill people with it, it’s just that now it’s more balanced, opening the door to other lesser used modules to be used more often.


Just look in the Pro Compilation. The ‘nerf’ is actually useful is some cases.


You have just took away my freedom.


Stacked speeds being quite fast is a bug.
Jumping over someone kills is a feature.
~justcfprothings #salt