Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 29-03-2018


We’ve got a BIG update for you today, with a lot of fixes, improvements and new additions. Enjoy!



  • You can now mute users. Right-click their username, either in the chat window on the bottom left or username-display on the bottom right of the playing field. The click ‘mute’ or ‘unmute’, depending on your preferred course of action. Mutes carry over between matches.
  • Moderators can now force-reset inappropriate usernames. Not meant for general username-change requests

NEW Legendary Modules!

  • Unlock with level 5 ship
  • One per species
  • Can be installed on level 4 or higher ships


  • Added a label on the shop-button to remind you to collect your free daily crate
  • If you exit the game by using backspace, you will now be prompted to prevent you from leaving the game accidentally

Bug fixes

  • Fixed instance where landing a jump on a gap would cause you to collide with nothing
  • Fixed a tutorial bug, where new users would still see the tutorial after being eliminated
  • Fixed bullets that continue to travel after exploding immediately after firing

Gameplay Balancing


  • Added a charge-up period
  • Draws warning line across the screen during charge-up, so it can be better anticipated

All Fevers more effective

  • Trigger volume size increased & increases further when upgraded
  • Firing fevers is now sped up
  • Can infect a player while it’s moving after having been fired

Time Bomb

  • Reduced timers (all levels)
  • Increased radius (all levels)

Speed Burst

  • Improved steering when stacked
  • Fixed a bug where speed would go beyond the intended limit

Side Shot (Tetragons)

  • Increased range

Laser wall

SIDESHOT BUFF <3 god is real


Best update so far! Yay! Thank you! :heart: :smiley: :joy:


yeah the only bad thing is that now laser is easy to dodge and it’s almost worthless :frowning:


I feel like laser is even more easy to shield against. However, I almost feel as if you can control which side the laser thickness moves towards


I have a weird bug: when I use 2 or more speeds in a row it does not work, I go one speed fast but use all my slots. Do you guys have the same thing??


I think it works, only that the 2nd and 3rd stacks don’t increase the speed as much as they previously did (it was a bug before, where you could go too fast).


Ty for the quick answer but LOL wtf; It was the only interest of speed, to take a lot and being able to control them! By doing this you just killed this powerup and by the same occasion, make all the speeders leave this game.
I do not like criticize the work of developers and their choices but really guys this one is a big mistake. I hope you will fix this “bug fixed” as soon as possible because I and other people can’t imagine playing this game any longer without speeds.


Wow, the laser is unusable and speed as well. My two favorites modules nerfed into the ground xD


I know right


how I feel right now:



my favorite two powerups :frowning:


Now don’t take this as if you are “massacring” anything, just i’m sad that you nerfed laser and speed lo


I had the same reaction xD. Got totally trolled by this:

It sounds like a buff but is actually a nerf, this definitely needs some work.

The rest of the balancing changes sounds fine on the first look but I’m sure there is a better balancing compromise for LASR.


Im still forcing people to put on their shields. My lasers will never be controlled.


lol haha


The steering was buffed though, you can steer tighter now when you use speed burst :smiley:


I didn’t mean to sound like the steering with multiple speeds didn’t get a lot better.
But overall it still felt more like a nerf than buff but I don’t want to get too emotional about it like some do about the LASR. I need to play a bit more to get a feeling for this change.


Well, I guess good steering gives a more casual friendly experience. Which is the real reason why I condemn such a change. As showing your inconsideration for the experienced players.

The speed is very skill dependent in nature. Every player has a different comfort zone with different speed rates. And I believe most competitive CF players prefer the speed powerup since it was hard to master. And so it was easy to differentiate between a good speed player and a lesser one. This in combination with every player’s equal accessibility to said powerup, made every game’s outcome mostly determined by how good the user was with the said power-up. And quite fair, since every player could take as many speed powerups as they could handle.

And this strikes me as the heart of the problem with CF4. Most players who play CF daily want a competitive game. And only return to this game for a perceived challenge. And if this were not so, there would be no guarantee for the preservation of the game itself.

However, CF4 is not concerned with this fact. By its very structure, it’s unbalanced. And it’s built around short-term excitement but longterm disappointment. This desire for accessing new modules craves for nothing less than its existence in general-- not any definite long-term existence. No! that isn’t its aim. It only seems so because this desire realizes itself only in the outward manifestation of long-term commitment. Therefore it looks as if it were concerned with nothing but the players perceived challenge. There lies the illusion–an illusion, it’s true, in which the game is held fast: but, if you reflect, you can break the fetters and set yourself free.

The effect of this is to make every player careful to maintain his own progress; and if this were not so, there would be no guarantee for the preservation of a variety of ships, modules nor the game in general. From all this, it’s clear that the games individuality isn’t a form of perfection, but rather of limitation.