Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 28-08-2019 | 1.9.1


This is the patch note we put live yesterday! (28th August)

  • Fixed matches with unequal teams - There was a temporary fix in place but it’s properly fixed now so you should not get stuck in matchmaking anymore.

  • Renamed the teams to be team hot and team cold.

  • Base skins/colors for teams are no longer only red and blue - For team hot you have red, yellow and orange and for team cold, you have blue, purple and green.

  • Removed +10 survival points when someone dies.

  • You now start with 50 points the first round.

  • Tweaked the team matchmaking and rank formulas slightly.

  • Fixed staying in team making you a reserve.

  • Fixed the indicator that shows the amount of players in matchmaking.

  • Fixed the reward timeouts not being started when the match ends.

  • Fixed multiple errors that caused the game to crash for some users.

  • Disabled replays for now, they need to be reworked for teams first.


Thank you team <3