Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 28-06-2018 | 1.1.4


A new update coming your way today with some new features, as well as some improvements and fixes that will nicely complement the previous major update. So, without further ado :drum: :

Patch 1.1.4


  • Lobby with a list of custom rooms.

  • Create-room form to make the room public/private and name it.

  • A password can now be added to rooms to make them private.

  • Match history is now available on your profile.

  • On registration, you can now subscribe to the newsletter.

  • Added a button to your profile to resend the verification email.


  • Custom games are no longer ranked.


  • Error when upgrading a module that is locked by a crate.

  • Not in queue error when finishing a game.

  • Hosts will no longer see a popup after returning to the room.

  • Text in chat can now be selected again.

  • Chat messages from players can be right clicked again to mute/unmute the player.

  • Room links in chat are now formatted and clickable.

Patch 1.1.5


  • Fixed several issues where players could be in a room twice.

  • Fixed lobby sorting so that the best rooms to join are now at the top of the list.

  • Fixed announcements/changelogs not showing.

  • Fixed chat being a bit blurry sometimes.

  • Fixed “Not in queue” error popping up after finishing a game.

  • Fixed bug where you were sent back to lobby after quickplay.


  • Refreshing the lobby now has a delay.


Nice update, but now its even more harder to find a fast game, this update reduce quick play player pool next to nonsense…very awkwardly and dangerous


nice update, but make match history visible to other players :stuck_out_tongue:
I wait now for friendlist option




Nice! :smile: I love the fix of the not in queue error when a game is finished!


what is disturbing me, though, is that your avatar looks a lot like rojoss’ avatar


:sweat_smile: oops, but it’s pure coincidence that we have the same avatar thingie. When I came into the group I immediately saw the same and I thought it was quite funny. Before I joined and everything I finally found a profile photo that really fits me and looks like me. Now @Rojoss has exactly the same avatar thingie. But if it’s really disturbing you I should just change it :sweat_smile: :confused:


naah, it is not soo much disturbing me :slight_smile: no problem at all! We like you part of the community!


Nooo don’t change it!!


@Geert awh, thanks.
@NoFlavor I will not even think of changing it anymore :joy: :see_no_evil: