Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 28-02-2018


Today the Hidden Monster Games development team implemented numerous important changes and fixes that will help improve the Curve Fever Pro experience. Let’s start, shall we?

New feature:

Earn gems and coins by playing and finishing matches! Competing in matches now awards coins and gems every match, even if your ship is locked by a crate. You will now receive coins for every round you survive if a player is “Knocked Out” of the match.

Ending up in the top 3 also earns you gems:

  • Third place gets 1 gem
  • Second place gets 2 gems
  • First place gets 3 gems

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed negative rank awards when winning matches
  • Bug where daily module point offers in the shop would sell 0 upgrade points
  • Grandmaster position 100 has been removed due to not displaying properly
  • Dragging modules bug fixed, where the module simply wouldn’t drag over to their respective slots
  • Broken connections to server no longer cause server crashes
  • Removed minor bug where sometimes going back to the main menu from your module library by clicking the space left of the library didn’t work

General improvements:

  • Match fail errors get handled more subtly
  • ‘Invalid token’ pop-up message removed
  • Empty module slots now display properly as locked, if the ship is locked because it has earned already a crate
  • You can now upgrade your modules right from the module library, instead of having to ‘inspect’ the module first

Reward System Critique

Great work❤


Finally some reward for winning :3


Thanks for your great work Dev Team!

I still feel that the rewards for winning after crests is too small.


There is only ranked games. I ask to you : would you add unranked rooms like in cf2 and cf3 and tournaments ccould be very good


Our next focus is the play with friends functionality, where you will be able to play unranked games with the people you want, so that will be the first unranked mode in the game.


Will you think next about leaderboard (i had many ideas but i will talk bout it later)


Yes daddy, lay those updates down on me.


That was only thing i need, now i can play for real xD Thanks


Don’t forget the +2 coins for every other person knocked out!


I think you missed that.


When will update play with friends come out???


We all wait…