Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 27-08-2019 | 1.9.0 | Teams


New Gamemode in Quick Play: Ranked 3 v 3 Teams!
Head over to the dev blog to read all about it.


  • Team mode in Quick Play!

    • Two teams of 3
    • Each team has a crystal core of 750 points.
    • Attack the enemy core by bringing your points to the area around it.
    • Earn points by surviving and attacking opponents!
    • Zoomed in rewind of the player who destroys the enemy core at the end of the match!
    • Team rankings: - You will have two ranks, one for FFA and one for teams.
      - Your user badge will display the league of the game mode you are playing.
      - You can see both ranks in your profile.
      - There are 2 lists of grandmasters now, one for FFA and one for teams.
  • Team matchmaking (currently FFA matchmaking has been replaced with teams, you can still play FFA in custom matches).

  • Collect points by going through gaps: 1 point if you go through a gap. Can only go through each gap once.


  • Fixed match some times ending too early or too late - previously the match end was predicted and now the server decides when the match ends.

  • Fevers and mines no longer overlap with the sidebar.

  • Fixed some scoring issues that caused the score to be out of sync with the server some times.

  • Fixed getting the waiting for your results screen some times, should happen less often.

Updated cooldown values for certain powers - only in Teams:

  • Brake cooldown increased to 8s (was 4s)

  • Jump cooldown increased to 10s (was 4s)

  • Mine cooldown increased to 10s (was 4s)

  • Trigger bomb cooldown increased to 10s (was 4s)

  • Stealth mine cooldown increased to 10s (was 4s)

  • Time bomb cooldown increased to 10s (was 4s)


It kinda sucks that the new team balacing of the modules also affects costum (ffa) games. Having a triggerbomb or any other mine on a 10 second activation delay absolutely sucks in ffa!

I get it that they should be nerfed for the sake of teammode but at least split the balancing into ffa/teams.

Other then that and some minor bugs which I am sure will be fixed in no time the update is gr8 :heart:


It already is different based on gamemode.
Teammode has different cooldowns than FFA.

edit There seems to be a bug where it shows the wrong values in custom games (shows teams values instead of FFA) but the actual numbers in game are correct. (not changed for FFA)


I love teams <3


does this make the speedy fever better for reaching the base faster than with just speed?


last time i tried it actually took 10 secs to load trigger bomb tho… so not so sure about that!


also speed is OP af xD


Can we talk about Rank? What is the algorithm behind this … it cannot be any good. If I loose against a group of players that are as good as my team I loose 14 points … but if I win I get 1 … tf?

Also yesterday I played with GM friends … me (silver) and 2 GM vs 3 GM … how can I loose 19 points from loosing this?


There is a new algorithm but what you are describing is not intended. We’re not sure what the issue is at the moment but, we’re investigating as we speak and once we find what’s causing these errors we’ll fix it asap.


Could you disclose how the rank awarding algorithm is going to look like after it’s fixed? :slight_smile:


I would like to mention yet AGAIN that the a working leaderboard and ranking system for teams AND ffa is crutial!


We’ve said many times it has no priority currently.
We first have to investigate the issue which will probably be time consuming as the rank stuff is quite complicated.
The active grandmasters are probably only like 50 players out of the many thousands of active players so it only affects a small portion of the users. From which probably only half go on Discord to check the leaderboard anyways. :sweat_smile:

It will be fixed some day but just has no priority currently, we’re working on a lot of other things.


The thing is it does not only affect those 50 gms since many diamonds are consequently bugged as well and it can be super frustrating not to become gm if you should be. But ye I get that it is on the backlog


Great work as always and thanks for keeping us uptodate <3