Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 26-03-2019 | 1.6.11-1.6.12 | pickups & custom gamemodes


3 DIFFERENT GAMEMODES IN CUSTOM ROOMS! :partying_face::partying_face:


Isn’t this kinda the same as the “Client” that was described in a previous forum topic?

Cool update, looking forward to trying it out :heart_eyes:

It would be cool for the host to choose between pickup or normal game-mode and in addition choose the modules that are allowed. Normal and survival are kinda the same but with selected modules. It would be sick if the host could choose them.


It’s similar yeah, but a lot easier to install most of all.
It also has a custom header and some other browser functionality.
It’s mostly useful on mobile to install it as a native app.


I can’t find the download desktop app button? where can i find it? when i press the 3 dots i don’t see a download button and i am not able to right click it using my touchpad on macbook

pls help


Follow the arrow.
Can you find it?

:slight_smile: Cheers!


Good job! Very nice update!


Don`t know what your experiences are, but the matchmaking is now as bad as before and much slower :smiley:
Tried 3 times to get in a game with another gm and it always failed, but we waited at least 30 sec to not get in the same game :smiley:


what is your rank?


his rank is over 2000 :joy:


OK and now, thats much more important!
i got stuck in the game 2 times, it didnt move anymore (which never happened to me before), 2 consecutive matches!
so i left the game, restarted the browser, but Couldnt join anymore!! there was no rejoin button
so thats about -50 points because of not being able to rejoin in the last 2 games, didnt happen anytime to me before the update :smiley:
at least fix that if you want to hold on to the update, thats really depressing


Also make sure you use Chrome version 73, it’s something new.


this looks awesome (if i had friends to play custom with me lol)


I couldn’t find the Install Curve Fever… button, but i found this
15 - 24s sounds really great


Aha, so that’s why i can’t find this button, because i’m using Google Chrome ver. 66.0.3359.117 xD


You should update :joy:
There have been a lot of security vulnerabilities in the past updates.
In general you should keep ur browser up to date because you probably visit a lot of websites and they could do bad things. :sweat_smile:


I can’t join if i refresh the page for lag spike. Pls fix reconnect.


i was looking for the install curve fever and i couldn’t find it (looked where you said it was on post)


You have to have a relatively new version (if not the newest) of chrome. For me it appeared below “Find…” just as SojaBird mentioned above.

  • Rejoining seems to be broken
  • Also if someone leaves costum games (even in the lobby) he remains there as a ghost, being unable to kick or move him to specs, you have to make a new room every single time someone leaves which is super annoying.


I’m personally not a fan of the pickups at the moment, they are quite small and don’t add much to the game since the effects of them are so weak. Only thing that seemed to make a difference was thick which came up way too much. And it also takes practically years for red items to have their effect which is annoying.

Survival is nice, but could the ship size be bigger for this mode maybe? And could we have a survival + pickups option? I just feel like there is way too much space in these survival rooms.


Guys is there a new version out right now?