Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 25-06-2019 | 1.8.0 - 1.8.5 - 1.8.6b - 1.8.6c | rematch


New feature: Rematch! :tada: :trigon: :trigon: :trigon:

You can now rematch your opponents, check out the latest dev blog for all details.

:warning: Please note, this new feature required a lot of architectural changes, the code might be buggy. We will be fixing these bugs as soon as possible. You can report the bugs on our forum or on our discord.


  • You can now rematch your opponents after a quickplay match!
  • You now have a personal invite URL which you can share with friends so they can join your matches.
  • Added a pre-match connection screen where you see players loading into the match and you get better feedback what’s loading


  • Skins, avatars, region and other preferences are immediately updated within the match. (not in game)
  • The match will now only fail to start if there is only 1 player connected.
  • You will now be prompted to disable your region lock if you have a region lock and the match is played in a different region.
  • There is now a countdown when the host changes the gamemode to prevent starting immediately after the settings are changed.
  • Most interactions in the interface now get disabled while the servers are processing your requests to reduce issues.
  • Improved feedback when things go wrong, for example when some servers are unavailable you will get an error.
  • When you lose connection to the game server you can now try and rejoin the match.
  • Improved AFK checks for custom matches.
  • The load is now spread better over our servers which should result in less lag in the match.


  • Matchmaking will now search in all regions if nobody in the match has a region lock.
  • You will no longer be prompted to rejoin, it will rejoin automatically and you can then leave the match.
  • Matchmaking has been updated to work with groups.


  • Fixed a bug where there would be multiple curves with the same skin.
  • Fixed an issue where you could log in but not get your user data.
  • Fixed a bug with selectable text on mobile.

Why can we no longer see who is in queue?

Patch 1.8.1

  • We have added back the users in matchmaking for quickplay matches. :tada:
    They will be shown underneath the player lists.


Patch 1.8.2

  • Fixed a bug where you would not get powers in the match after changing opponents.
  • Quickplay matches are now also shown in the lobby.
  • Fixed lobby showing matches with 0 playing players.
  • Fixed an issue where friends were still listed as online after timing out. (hopefully)
  • Fixed some users getting error 300 and not being able to log in.

We’ve also added some logs for the ERROR 300.
Hopefully we can fix the issue with those logs sorry for the invonvinience.
EDIT Fixed!


We :heart: Devs


Patch 1.8.3

  • Fixed a bug where you could join as a player after failing to load in resulting in a bugged game with invisible lines and such.
  • Added back the first place rewards in the pre-match screen.
  • Fixed recent opponents not showing in the find friends tab.
  • Fixed an issue where grandmasters above 100 would display.
  • Fixed some errors with replays.
  • Fixed lobby having duplicate matches after refreshing and when using the search input.
  • Spectators and reserves are no longer shown when you hover over matches in the lobby.




Another patch! (probably the last one :upside_down_face:)

Patch 1.8.4

  • Matchmaking now only triggers when there is at least one player ready.
  • Added a countdown spinner when other players are seeing their rewards or changing their powers.
  • Reworked the player list to only have spectators also removed the skin indicators for spectators.
  • Rejoining is no longer automatic you can choose to rejoin or leave.
  • You can now change powers while being in queue to play.
  • The player list is now also shown in the rewards screen.
  • Added chat message when someone wants to rematch.
  • Added chat messages when someone wins a match and when it starts.
  • Total amount of online players is now displayed in the matchmaking screen.
  • You now see the server you are playing on in the debug overlay. (For bug reports about lag and such please also provide the server ID.)


Rojoss God


Patch 1.8.5

  • New players are now shown when they hit someone.


I really like the new match-making system. But there’s one problem I see. Sometimes you play in a room with players of your level (for instance diamond-gm level) and when someone leaves after the game there’s a queue for his place. And quite often some newbie (bronze or silver) goes in instead of another diamond or gm in the queue. It’s not nice for everyone: newbie usually leaves the game after couple of rounds because it’s not his level, the game with him is not more entertaining and some diamond-gm who has to wait in the queue again is not happy too. I’m sure it happens on all the levels. Is the queue for exact match is based only on who pressed “play” faster? Or why then bronze players can enter this kind of games instead of gms?


Patch 1.8.6b

  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t play a 2nd match in custom rooms.


PATCH 1.8.6c (July 11th)

  • If a new match starts while you are in the rewards screen you will no longer be forcefully sent back to the lobby.
  • The popup shown when a new match starts can now be closed and has a more descriptive text.