Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 24-07-2018 | 1.1.12


In this update we have reworked the curve line rendering, we’re expecting a huge performance gain for most devices.


  • Spam checks for chat, you can no longer repeat messages and send messages too quick to combat spambots.
  • Profanity filter for chat, usernames and room names.


  • Overall performance especially with a lot of lines drawn on the screen.


  • Weird characters that spam the chat are now filtered out.


What I really hated in previous CF games was that some words were filtered in chat but not in nicknames. So some people had names that you couldn’t even type. And there were racist names too that are hard to filter, and reporting them had no effect. Is this going to be fixed now?


Names are also filtered with the profanity filter and it’s more strict than the chat filter.
In the chat filter you would be able to write fsdf u c kas but for usernames this wouldn’t be allowed.

Currently there is no reporting functionality but we plan to add it some day most likely.
For now you can mail reports to [email protected]
We will enforce those users to change their username.


what means that, or is it completely random? :thinking:


Haha yeah random but contains f*ck