Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 24-01-2019 | 1.6.0


@Line mmm, would you mind sending a video or something? This is weird. It might be slow, but not tedious slow.


Idk if you changed something @Geert but now the battle pass if way faster and loads the entire screen :joy: before one part was weirdly missing lol

But I have another suggestion. I feel like the energy system was good … it kinda forced people to play with the combinations they would never play with. I strongly doubt tho that this system will be good for the future. I recon the best thing would be a mixed approach from the system as it is now and a free system.
What I mean by that is keeping the energy but making it usable for any module and the module points as well. It would be kinda like paying to enter the game and not paying to play the modules you want.
Yes, I still have some playing points on almost all my modules but I still think it would be better to let the player choose the modules. Especially looking into competitive plays. Most people just use what the have and not what they thing is good for them (Only my Opinion).

Well what do you guys think about this.