Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 24-01-2019 | 1.6.0 | battlepass


Patch 1.6.0 is now live in-game!

Battle Pass - share with the community how far you are at unlocking tiers!



I …, cant… See anything on mobile xD



  • Seasonal Battle Pass system with unique rewards unlocked by playing!
  • Avatars - Show of your identity in your user badge with an unique avatar.
  • Hats - Swap the leader crown indicator above your ship.
  • 5 new skins have been added which can only be unlocked in the battle pass.
  • Added a setting for streamers which will add a spotlight following your ship.


  • Reworked the top bar.
  • The experience track now has it’s own menu.
  • Completely new post-match reward screen.
    • Rank slider where your rank points (trophies) will be shown.
    • Crates slots where your earned crate will be added to.
    • Battle points where your statistics will be shown and the earned battle points.
  • New reward popup when claiming rewards from your battle pass.
  • New shop tab where you can purchase the premium battle pass.


  • Sound can now be toggled on/off within the game.
  • The line rendering has been improved.
  • Player deaths are now shown in the event feed.


  • XP from matches has been removed (replaced with battle points). XP can still be found it crates.

Owl’s notes:

  • NGL not sure why they don’t just put everything into a text format rather than being all fancy with the embedding thing. They’ve been told before that mobile users can’t see updates with the fancy embedded thing.
  • Lvl 1 gm 1 is now a possibility as you don’t get XP
  • legolas mode and get the vampire skin by the tour? (jokes I have a job and uni and a life)
  • Still no champ skin - SAD


How long does a “season” last?




Yes! A streamer thing! This is awesome! I LOVE YOU DEVS!!!

Not in a weird way lol;)


Three months, this one will end April 24th at noon UTC.
Then there’ll be 1 day off-season and then a new season starts with new unique rewards and maybe new cool stuff and changes.


Everyone is experimenting huge lags since the new update :frowning:


Thx… But i will have to try it to understand… Still No Fever nerf… Kek


Our metrics for the servers are broken as well since the update so it’s hard to tell.
We’ll look into it tomorrow some more but I’m not noticing it myself.


Looks great <3, kinda afraid of the lags, but i will have to try it myself.
Some balancing would be great indeed @hohoho :joy: i feel like some modules are not used by anyone, at least i don’t see that many players using them


I keep getting lag spikes like leaf. might just be my wifi tho
also streamer mode made my screen freeze


Servers are having some memory leak issues that’s why they are laggy.
Trying to get it resolved as soon as possible.



Trigger bomb lol


Lag issues on the servers have been resolved!


You great stuff guys <3 looks very smooth… really nice update…

If i had to say something negativ it would have to be the time it takes to show the battle pass. Idk if it is only me but it loads really slowly


Thanks jos!


you mean the battle pass page?


I think he means at the end of the game. At least that’s the bit that takes the longest for me.


I mean the battle pass page as well as the results at the end of the game.