Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 23-07-2019 | 1.8.9


We’ve reworked the xp-track to make it more easy to unlock all powers.


  • All powers had their description updated.

  • When unlocking a new level, the reward is now shown with more flair.

  • The level cap has been increased to 99. The level of users previous to the update has been updated to match the new level - new_level = old_level * 2 + 2.

  • With the increase of levels, you can now earn a total of 710 gems.


  • You can now click the crate in the reward-screen to open it.


Cool <3

2 questions tho:

How is this easier to unlock all powers? A guy told me he was on lvl 11 (new xp lvl in 150) now he is at 24 (new xp lvl in 150) plus there is a “dummy” lvl between each module lvl…

Did old players really get scammed by gems again? I mean tye progress was updated to a new higher level, but they didn’t get the rewards they should have gotten by getting to that lvl :cry:


I also feel that if there are only a finite amount of gems given out, then everyone should have the same cap, not just new players. Of course, it’s advantageous for me to feel that way.


Thank you for keeping us informed <3