Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 23-05-2019 | 1.7.9 | removed-ads


We are removing the ads for now. The ads were not in the state where we wanted them to be, and we rather want to focus on more important features.

VIP players will have their VIP membership refunded and will receive a private message with more information about this. They will keep their VIP star for the duration of their VIP membership.


  • Video ads have been removed from the game.
  • Renamed streamer-mode to spotlight - Enable the spotlight in the settings. It will create a circle around your ship and turret.
  • Turrets now steal 1 point (was 1%).


  • Updated the profanity filter to allow some non-offensive words that were previously filtered out.
  • Custom room settings are now stored in the browser. Every time you create a room it will have the last settings set by default - Stored settings include; ranked, turrets and game-mode.

Ads.(Are Awful)


Still, you didn’t have to remove the video ads; just put a passive advertisement above the chat; playability, plus monetization.


What if I don’t want VIP refund. This was first think I felt that was good way how to support game. I don’t need gems for anything, but this way I got status of VIP and I could support you guys.


Great update!


Turret change sounds cool <3


Its great that you listened to the community about Ads, but I do want you to make money somehow. I’m probably in a position where its easier for me to contribute by watching ads than paying for a membership.

I had actually got quite used to the ads to be honest. I didn’t find them too intrusive.


Is there possibility to add another part to the name if VIP? Like clan name? There is unofficial turnament of team. So the team behaviour could emerge.


looks like the game is going in the right direction…

btw can i get gems instead of a refund?


It is also easier for us to refund everyone in the same way (we thought about giving a pop-up with the option to get gems or full refund, but that would have taken time to implement, time which we better spend implementing other cool features). If you want to support the game you can still purchase gems from the shop or get the new battle pass that will come out on Sunday.


ADS ARE GONE Insert Crab Rave


Boi dont complain


I certainly bitched about ads so I’m glad to see them gone. I did purchase VIP (if nothing else I had to put my money where my mouth was) - just want to say the refund was super quick thanks. I hope people will consider putting their support behind the battlepass, I certainly will - I think it’s a well integrated method of supporting the game without actually affecting gameplay.


Thank you <3