Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 22-11-2018 | 1.4.10



  • The game now only accepts secure connections which means https!
  • Added 4 new songs for the in-game music, removed the old in-game song.


  • Reduced the white flash when ships explode.
  • Removed the screen shake when other ships explode.
  • Made the ship debris a bit darker so it doesn’t look like lines.
  • Assets should now be delivered much quicker with new updates.
  • Removed the creepy noise from the menu.
  • Background behind in-between rounds scoreboard less transparent


  • Fixed several issues that caused the game to freeze.
  • Fixed the game stage sometimes being moved half-way outside of the screen.
  • Fixed some cases in which the ship was invisible.
  • Fixed some cases where explosion smoke was visible at the start of a new round.


Nice… thx for explosions, they were good but screen shake a bit too much xD


The previous update was good and this one better. I’m in favor of this update! Thanks

Do you plan to add a page where it would be possible to see his ranking and that of all players?
I know that it is constantly changing but with a refreshment every 10 minutes for example or top 100 only.

Good idea to see the potential points you can earn at each games.


Thanks for the nice feedback!

We are currently focused on introducing some basic (very often requested by the community) customization options and updating a bit the meta game. I hope that we will add a leaderboard for top 100 as soon as possible after the aforementioned changes are completed, but I don’t think we’ll implement any complex global ranking system at the moment. For global position it might be more useful to release stats stating what % of players are in each league, so you know for example if you are Diamond that you are in top 5% of players (I made that number up).


Thanks for the update, especially for removing shaking screen. But I still don’t like the decision with splinters from ship explosion so much. Here is the screenshot:
Do you see the small green particle which I put in the red circle in the middle? It’s a piece of the curve I died on. Do you think it’s really possible to see it among all those splinters around even if it’s darker? I would definitely see it on the clear dark screen but these splinters distract a lot. Why not to make it black if you need it that much?

Did someone have the same problem? I died already twice like that after last update.


IDK… I didnt die on them yet and I think they r pretty good… But if i would die on it, I wont be happy too :laughing:


You can turn off the ‘particles’ in the settings part. However, if you turn off that one you won’t be able to see some other animation stuff :thinking:


Thanks, I will try!