Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 22-05-2019 | 1.7.8 | homing & gameplay



We reworked homing to be a better power for new players, while not impacting the gameplay of high level arenas.
We did this by making homing directly usable for beginning players, give it a short cooldown, but also let it hit lines (like other shots) and make the stealing percentage really low.

  • It will hit lines
  • It now has a 3s cooldown, like the other shots
  • It will steal only 5%
  • It now is a starting power (instead of single shot)


  • Time before drawing begins has been reduced to 1s (was 2.5s) - We want to give more opportunities for players to ‘defend’ themselves when they are in the lead. By making the curves start drawing earlier there will be quite some lines on the ground before the powers are charged. Play a few games and let us know if you think: this makes it easier for a leader to defend against being targeted, it doesn’t matter, or maybe made it even worse.

  • Decreased bullet-on-ship collision size to 2x (was 3x) - Bullets sometimes hit the ship that looked like a ‘false hit’.

  • One shot now unlocks at level 4 (was 1)

  • Side shot now unlocks at level 13 (was 4)

  • Homing now unlocks at level 1 (was 13)


  • Player badge is shown again above ships when the game starts, it looks cool. :slight_smile:
  • VIP star is now also shown next to the name above the ship.


  • Fixed rank decay (yet again :smiley: ).
  • Fixed some cases where the entire game would be spinning on some devices.


  • Homing cooldown decreased to 3s (was 10s)
  • Reverse attack increased to 8.1% (was 7.4%)
  • Time bomb attack increased to 12.9% (was 12.6%)
  • Trigger bomb attack increased to 13.2% (was 12.3%)
  • Stealth mine attack increased to 9.4% (was 9%)
  • Brake defense increased to 19.9% (was 14.2%)
  • Jump defense increased to 11.2% (was 7.5%)
  • Thin defense increased to 30% (was 23.6%)


Overall, the stealing power of the powers have been reduced, favoring a more defensive meta.

  • One shot attack decreased to 15.9% (was 16.9%)
  • Double shot attack decreased to 15.8% (was 17.3%)
  • Side shot attack decreased to 14.7% (was 15.7%)
  • Multi shot attack decreased to 15.2% (was 17.1%)
  • Scatter shot attack decreased to 22% (was 22.9%)
  • Homing attack decreased to 5% (was 11%)
  • Laser attack decreased to 13% (was 13.1%)
  • Zap attack decreased to 21.3% (was 22.6%)
  • Trippy attack decreased to 12.2% (was 12.9%)
  • Speedy attack decreased to 11.6% (was 11.8%)
  • Mine attack decreased to 10.2% (was 10.5%)
  • Speed burst defense decreased to 4.8% (was 8.9%)
  • Hide self cooldown increased to 6s (was 5s)

Guide: Understanding your Powers

Finally, homing were ridiculous. It is only logical to have them hit a walls. They are shots as any others.


I am excited to see how homing will impact gameplay now. It obviously had it’s fans and those will be disappointed I guess, all in all I think it was a good move.

As for the shots hit radius :heart: glad you did what the community begged for. Did not play yet but nice that you decreased it a little.

Rank decay is exciting as well :heart_eyes: we have too many gms being inactive :joy:

Drawing sooner should give you a higher chance to dodge stuff (I guess that was your plan).

Exciting update :+1: good job guys


Played a few games, the faster drawing time is a good defence against shots in the beginning of each round. It still feels bad that you can literally lose the match in just the last round by getting hit by zap/scatter/random shot. I know this has been said a thousand times, but with each update surviving is becoming more and more obsolete which is a shame, because i think it has always been the key element of curvefever and it also takes away the “tactical” aspect of the game. Also, matchmaking is still broken :smiley:


It actually is a lot better with surviving then before this update :joy: so we are going in the right direction for that. I think matchmaking is a tricky one because it should work for all rank categories :joy: it would be ez to always take the 6 highest players :joy: but ye I actually get some exciting games.


Ah good to know, glad that I didn’t play the game during the previous update then :stuck_out_tongue:


Finally lol I can’t get spammed with homing when I play with my friends THANK YOU :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:


Good update :3 My only thing is check what the stats are like for new players, but from the games I’ve seen the new homing is unusable at higher levels. I would say either keep the steal percentage as is and make it go over walls again, or increase the steal percentage to like 10% and keep the mechanics as it is. I still would prefer the game to be less steal focussed, but the smaller hitbox is much appreciated.

Looking forward to the new season!!! :honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:

EDIT: I still wish we had energy orbs like we did at the beginning. If devs wanted to try it out for like a weeks to see how it works with the rest of the current mechanics that would be siiickk


Now the game is on 70% about fairness,the only thing missing is fix the scoring system,since in last rounds u can lose/win everything,i still propose a simple method where in EACH ROUND we start with a determinated amount of points(200 or so),the same already established rules for the entire game ,to finishing with the summary of all rounds played


@Line Now I will really stop using homing+shield :joy::joy::joy: So I wont annoy you anymore :smile::laughing:


Is no one going to mention the fact that mine is in the nerfed section but went from 7.4% to 8.1%. Like thank you devs for the buff but put it in the right spot cause that was confusing for a while. :rofl::rofl:


… What are you talking about? :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue:


I see what you have done very clever. :rofl:


U mean reverse or mine?


mine. They fixed it now


Thanks :slight_smile: