Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 22-03-2022 | 3.4.x | Replays & rewarded ads



  • Match replays have returned!
  • Rewarded ads have been added
  • Incompleted challenges can now be swapped by watching an ad
  • Crates can be opened with an ad when the crate timer is 75% completed. (30 minutes left)


  • Homing missile search radius increased to 45 (was 40)
  • Shield duration increased to 1.1s (was 1s)
  • Teleport cooldown decreased to 6.7s (was 7.5s)


  • Laser cooldown increased to 7s (was 6s)
  • Laser rotate multiplier decreased to 0.05x (was 0.06x)
  • Zap attack decreased to 19.5% (was 19.8%)
  • Trigger bomb attack reduced to 12.6% (was 12.8%)


Great cant wait to play it


Reward ads?


Wow rojoss makes laser useless and when everyone in cfp BEGS for a zap nerf he nerfs it by 0.3 steal percentage
Goes from stealing 31 points per zap to 30 points


There is a lot of discussion. It’s not like Rojoss decide everything in case of nerf/buff. Champs/Mods/Long time player are involved in this discussion.


The patch notes don’t seem to be actually active, clicking on the powers still show their older stats (laser still shows 6 second cooldown for example)


Oh interesting :eyes: I’ll have a look tonight


True :slight_smile: