Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 22-03-2018


Today’s update has numerous improvements and fixes, as well as a few small new addItions.


  • Added an indicator dot on the other side of the border when you are near the border, so you can more easily spot where you come out on the other end.
  • Modules can now be unequipped by dragging them out of the slots.
  • Added ‘Most Popular’ and ‘Best Value’ labels to shop items.


  • Curve lines/trails are now wrapped properly when going through the borders.
  • Automated quality settings are a lot less sensitive.
  • Added a loader for new users who are waiting for opponents to load the game.
  • Shields now absorb bullets, so you can no longer die from the explosion of the bullet when you shoot a shield.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed tutorial steps, prompting to use an ability even if you didn’t have energy.
  • Fixed shield not protecting from zap.


So shield now stops zap??? PLEASE, nooooo!!! The only reason why Shield wasn’t too overpowered (it was overpowered), was because there was a powerup that could bypass it. :’(


This was a bug, to begin with, but we’ll keep listening to your feedback and we hope you keep supplying us with it :slight_smile:


Thanks for making trails properly wrapped wen going through the border! That’s an important improvement to the quality of the game.


IN another note, I really like the dots that show you where you are on the other side - I think this is a great improvement for people that are new to the game and who aren’t used to jumpiong from side to side. Also happy about the shield explosion issue. Its still way too overpowered. Please release more weapons that get through it.


“but we’ll keep listening to your feedback” .What more feedback can the community possibly give .This is the most popular topic in the whole forum section,many players already gave rational feedback.You have read since two weeks on another topic "the shield"that the majority of players are unhappy.You guys know for yourself that its a completely broken module ,I wonder what holds you back from nerfing it at this very moment. You guys took the time to nerf trigger bomb which is not even op at all ,it is weak in comparison to laser and shield.

I was going to make a topic about bringing back trigger bomb,but its short so let me add it on here. Its always shield or laser and it gets tiring to see them always.I myself use laser excessively since its either this or shield and jump,which i find extremely boring.Revert the changes you made to trigger bomb as it is by far any concern of it being OP.This will also encourage players to use it more as they did in the past.

Dealing with shield and jump is agonizing,be it on a full field or while the laserwalls are closing in,it wins either way. Without having to change the dynamics of the game as to where some players mentioned "one shot breaks the shield ,or opens cracks on the side etc " I offer you my best opinion how to nerf this ridiculous combo which should have never seen the light of day.
Both jump and shield should have an energy consumption of 2 .Energy is abundant ,but this will maybe stop the players from spamming shield and going invincible mode while collecting more energy .Lastly, zap should work on shield again,if not ,might as well throw it out the module inventory. Take action please.


be sure they will not take action, I agree with you in every point…but who cares


We have definitively taken the shield feedback into account, but we are currently working on some features that have direct impact on this, so the module updates we’ll be making are mostly only bug fixes or fixes that make a module too op because other players have no way to counter/react to it (and small number tunings).

We are also always looking at module win rates to make sure that no module has a clear advantage when used.

Finally, I wanted to mention that there is a ton of valuable feedback and good ideas that we receive from the community and we try to address most of it, but as time is limited the changes can only come gradually, as the game matures.

TL:DR; We’ll look over the shield numbers and change it accordingly if it’s OP.


Ok thats at least a nice answer, but can you please give me a hint or a tendency for this issue : will the laserwalls stay in the game or do you want to remove them in the near future.

Its so important to know for upgrade choosing because right now I only play tetragons. I don´t even care about mega crates anymore because jump and shield will be the best…


Our goal is to make the game as fun as possible and make all modules balanced. It also make sense for our monetization system that it’s better for people to like/use different modules, so we’ll be continously doing module balancing and improvements.

As for the laser walls, all I can say is that the features we are currently working on also affect the laser walls, so in future updates they will have a slightly different impact; I also think that we still have to make sure that the rounds are fun enough and not too long, so that the first few people who die in the round don’t have to wait for too long.

We can not really reveal all the future updates that we have planned as we are constantly prototyping them, making changes or even letting them go; what we work on at some point might not even be released, if we don’t consider it to be good/fun/cool enough, there’s no point in announcing something if it might not be released.