Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 21-11-2018 | 1.4.9



  • All new league-representation! Showing your league, level and avatar - Avatars show the first letter of your username for now. They will be updated in the future to show cooler stuff.
  • :earth_americas: As the match starts you are introduced to the arena you are going to battle in, as well as who you’ll be up against!

Each arena is located on a different planet from a distant solar system somewhere in the Universe!
The names of the planets are as follows:

  1. Planet Bruntzo hosts the Bronze Arena.

  2. Planet Argentis hosts the Silver Arena.

  3. Planet Chryso hosts the Gold Arena.

  4. Planet Adamantis hosts the Diamond Arena.

  5. Planet Kyrios hosts the Master Arena.

  6. Planet Zenith hosts the Grand Master Arena.

If you have any suggestions/ different ideas name-wise that might fit in better with the game I’d be very happy to hear them!

  • :1st_place_medal: You can now see the rewards you will receive when you finish 1st (rank/crate/XP).
  • :skull: DEATH EXPLOSIONS :skull: We made dying more awesome to better reflect key moments in the game.


  • Division count per league reduced from 8 to 6.
  • Reversed the division order, a higher number means a higher ranking.
  • We moved the scoreboard to the top-left as we found this to be a more suitable location.
  • As a result, we moved the settings button and stats-window to the right.


  • Fixed match-making so it picks the best server/region for most users in the match.
  • Fixed upgrading a power when not having enough points.



  • Scattershot attack increased by 8%

  • Brake defense increased by 8%

  • Thin defense increased by 3%

  • Jump defense increased by 2%

  • Thin duration increased to 5s (was 3s)

  • Angle turns duration increased to 6s (was 3s)


  • Reverse fever attack decreased by 20%

  • Stealth mine attack decreased by 19%

  • Trigger bomb attack decreased by 17%

  • Lo-rez fever attack decreased by 16%

  • Time bomb attack decreased by 15%

  • L.A.S.R. attack decreased by 14%

  • Multishot attack decreased by 14%

  • Trippy fever attack decreased by 14%

  • Side shot attack decreased by 12%

  • Clock block attack decreased by 11%

  • Speedy fever attack decreased by 11%

  • Thick fever attack decreased by 11%

  • Mine attack decreased by 9%

  • Z.A.P. attack decreased by 9%

  • Homing missile attack decreased by 6%

  • Steerless fever attack decreased by 5%

  • Curve-blind fever attack decreased by 4%

  • Double shot attack decreased by 4%

  • One shot attack decreased by 3%

  • Hide self defense decreased by 15%

  • Speed burst defense decreased by 2%

  • Shield defense decreased by 1%

  • Steerless fever effect decreased to 70% (was 65%)

Guide: Understanding your Powers

Im a gold 8, what happens now?



‘gold 8’ will become just ‘gold’


Imso excited with the new visuals.only hope grandmaster planet will be better than rest


Stop nerfing trigger lasr lmao, it is completly crap now


What is happening :joy: earlier i saw the notification that the servers will go down again :joy: and now … no update … don’t want to blame u guys haha but it is kinda funny :joy:


Deployment of the update is broken unfortunately, being worked on to get it out asap


Is this planned

I hope not :joy: also the explosions might be a lil bit hard


yes please tell me the pink is not on purpose !

and the explosions are really too much : shaking the screen of everybody + sending light beams very similar to laser beam !!!

edit : plus, the fragment from explosions are sometimes hiding curves !

minor additional point: at the beginning of each round our ship is surrounded by a circle, but before we also had a small “arrow” on the circle indicating the direction we were heading. It disappears, would it be possible to put it back ? I found that really usefull


You can refresh to make the pink backgrounds go away.


The scoreboard after each round is too small - you can’t see the opponents modules level.


I like the new in game starting positions!


Are the arena awards constant or just precalculated? Because it told me I’d get +3 in a gold arena when there were all golds and also when there were diamonds.

I’m REALLY hoping they’re not constant.


They are calculated based on your opponents, so it’s the actual rank you will get if you win.


Oh thanks, that’s great.

  • I like the idea of making people dying more noticeable in a way that you don’t need to look away to know when and where somebody dies, but the screen flash is not necessary. I liked the idea of the ‘lines’ to help locate the position of death, and just a mine explosion would suffice instead of the screen flash. Peripheral vision is better than ALL your vision.

  • Also the screen shaking wasn’t good before and it isn’t good now. With even slight lag, It makes it impossible to steer in tight spots where your screen just starts shaking everytime you steer close to a wall.

  • Did the lag and fps counter get chucked? I didn’t see it.

  1. This is not how the screen (with 6 players) is supposed to look like, is it?

  2. The lag on any death is impossible now. I have good enough pings etc., sometimes there are spikes but generally game runs smoothly and it’s ok - but when any single players dies, screen shake creates a lag spike worse than the lagspikes from “points floating” back in the old days.

  3. Also agreed with guys above, even if there was not lag on screenshake, the shaking is still extremely annoying. I can’t imagine playing more than several games in a row with that, the shaking just tires your brain too much.

The visuals around the dying player are enough IMHO to show “yeah, they died”, screen shaking brings no value and just tires/annoys. Although like others said, the visuals which look like laser are confusing too, but this I can live with… But not with shake, after 2 matches my brain is more tired than after 10 matches before update, playing is not a recreation anymore. And the least, please add an option to disable these visuals as soon as possible and PLEASE PLEASE add this before the official tournament :slight_smile:


My notes on update:

  1. I actually like the nerf of everything. I think it reduces the difference between beginners and pro players. And survival is more important finally! Idea with leagues is not bad either.
  2. This shaking screen after each death is really bad: it’s like intentional lag from devs :slight_smile: Please make it possible to at least disable this option.
  3. Look at this screenshot:

    Do you see the small piece of blue curve? You all know that after explosions of mines, bombs etc. there are a some small pieces of curves left which is hard to notice sometimes, but you can actually die if you touch it. Now it’s even harder to notice with all these small splinters of explosion after someone’s death. You can’t touch it but it distracts a lot and sometimes it’s the same color as real small pieces of curve! I already died in this situation once. I hope it would also be possible to disable this graphics.
  4. One bug I noticed (already twice):

    I used invisible module and won previous round, but I started the next round without ship picture (green). And also there was a picture of explosion at the beginning of the round (left bottom corner). It’s especially hard to steer without ship picture when you use invisible module :slight_smile:


I completely agree on every point with u @NICK, nice summary to the update!!!