Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 21-05-2019 | 1.7.7 | improved ads


In this patch, we tried to improve the experience while watching ads.


  • :robot: Added a chatbot that is active at the start of each game - Bot will say thanks to the one who skipped the ad, will ask a random question if chat is too quiet and will wish you good luck when the game starts.


  • :hourglass: Maximum ad duration reduced from 20s to 10s.
  • :loud_sound: Ad audio volume is now set based on your Master volume setting.
  • Reduced number of UI changes after an ad finishes playing (error messages are not shown anymore).
  • The design of pop-ups is now more consistent (shop, crates, VIP pop-up, etc.).
  • In-game UI: only player names are now shown above ships for better clarity - Before this change, the player badge and skin indicator were also shown, but they were not needed anymore as the badge is shown in the scoreboard and skin indicator in chat.


Why Chat bot?


I’m just curious as to which kind of naughty questions the bot is asking us in broad daylight? :thinking:


W o a h… Kidding lol ah I was just thinking about when is there gonna be a new update I kid you not. And so does that mean the add itself can only be 10 sec or the whole lobby type of wait is 10 sec.


I guess gl-asses


That’s offensive to me, as of the fact that I wear ******* myself!


but what is my purpose now?


Thank you for keeping us informed <3