Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 21-02-2019 | 1.6.3 | balance & matchmaking


I really like this update! More than anything else, the best thing is that the collision lines are much more forgiving - just had some really nice games with thin and went through gaps which would have bugged for me before etc.!!!



Jeez, my trigger got nerfed and ZAP…

Watch out for the speedyzappers and hidezappers like they weren’t a pain in the arse yet.

zappers gonna zap :sunglasses:



Like the intentions behind faster queues, but I’d rather be in a higher rank room, than have this. Someone else in queue also said they got -1 for 1st too.




Besides ZAP stuff I believe that collidable area is too small now, I have witnessed lines overlapping each other.


There also is this bug that you and another person can drive on top of eachother.


This also happened before the update (and acc. to Devs was not really a bug per se, but the effect of decision that ship head will have no collision). Though of course I don’t deny it might be more common now since collision is smaller (so far I haven’t noticed it).


why is this a thing?


You are simply too OP :joy:
On a serious note, this shouldn’t happen at all!!


wait what do you mean time bomb +8.2%? It’s at 10% right now and it wasn’t at 2% earlier


@up, just as well Shield (increased by 136%) was not at a minus percentage before either :smiley: They are talking the difference in %, not in percentage points :slight_smile:


it doesn’t mean 8.2 was added to the attack power, it means multiplied by an extra 8.2% i think
it also says shield was increased by 130%, that just means it was increased by 130% of its old power

to be fair, i’d rather it just compared the old power to new power, something like (8% -> 10%)


I’m sorry but i think this update is dumb as hell…why buff zap and speed?wtf…they were already annoying and broken enough


why do they do that? this is so annoying


maybe it was a tie for the 1st place?

edit: yes it was.


I’ll link this here as well, since it might answer some of the matchmaking concerns: Dev Blog 09 - Matchmaking
Also, there will be another balance update coming early next week :smiley:
If you are curious about the process behind balancing powers you can have a peek here Dev Blog 07: Is it possible to balance 27 powers?
I do believe Geert has further improved/polished the process since then, but the overall idea still holds.


not Really… xd


Why They nerf trigger if its only used by 1 player lol


1? i use it as well :joy:


ok myabe not 1 but except me you and another guy, i havent seen anyone using it