Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 20-12-2018 | 1.5.2


Obviously they want you to use all your charges, so eventually you have 0 charges/points on each power and you can either play with the free powers (which than recharges after every 2 games) or use energy. Its very simple and a logic update since these charges/points are basically an old currency which can’t even be bought in the shop.

Good update it seems, next step in my opinion should be a premium feature that allows you to choose every power for free for a certain time (3 months / 6 months) depending on the premium package that you’ve bought.


Great idea with the update, good work folks :slight_smile:

I would consider changing modules every 5 games since it’s a bit annoying now.
Especially when you get to lose the pack of players you played with


So you should first play games with energy and with your favorite powers, and then afterwards use the free rechargable powers right?


Not nececelary with energy but yes because the charges don’t mean anything anymore


You get charges in crates though. Don’t you?


@XCS @Geert

I bet, you wouldn’t have done it different, if you were a simple opportunity player, who just wants a few minutes of fun, in a cool game.

I don’t think, that this change is fitting. Listen, I started with Curve Fever 2 and had much fun playing it. Then, Curve Fever Pro launched and I (was almost forced to) switched to it. At first, I didn’t like these powers. But later, game after game, I started to find my favorite combo and used it since then.

With the latest update, I now have to switch my powers in a for my brain way too complicated way, that I either have to change my powers every two game, or start to buy energy or even play completly without powers?!

Dear devloper team, what is your statement? Why are you changing the game so drastically? For what?


For money


True. Did you make your avatar black-and-white?


avatar b&w cuz rip last update


Yes. You may know what it means.


Yeah R.I.P. cfpro


This game is not dead until I say it is, don’t stop believing guys! We are the best community in the world, just hang on!


Maybe this game is not dead but devs care only about money.


I actually stopped playing regulary because my friends and I don’t like the power- and recharge-updates at all. It’s simply annoying to lose energy every game instead of building something up. We liked the upgrading system way better, there would have been other ways to make the game more newbie-friendly.


You might think, this is the effect you achieved, but i don’t think so. This is not giving chance for other modules to try, this is killing the opportunity to play with modules you want.

What if i use all the modules uses? I have 2 chances: i pay for it, or i use those 3 random rechargeable modules… Cool! You play a lot, and at the end, you will have 3 randomly chosen modules to use from this big pool. Well done! That’s how to lose your players. (if the other updates in the last 6 months haven’t done that already)

rip cfp