Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 20-12-2018 | 1.5.2


Before diving into the new update, on behalf of the team, I’d like to wish everyone Happy Holidays and a Fantastic New Year! :santa::sparkles:

The last update of 2018! - Energy system rework

We want all of you to know that we’ve read your likes and dislikes about the new energy system. As soon as we finished laying the groundwork for customisation, we processed all of your feedback and decided on some changes that we hope will improve your experience with the new system.

The most notable change we made, something that one of you actually suggested and the community as a whole seemed to agree on, is to have rechargeable powers change more often (and not every 20 hours). A rechargeable power is a power you don’t spend energy to use. In the new update, the 3 rechargeable powers will refresh after every 2 games you play. So now it’s more like a mission - play 2 games and get a new set of rechargeable powers.

Also for the remainder of December, the holiday skins Candy Cane and O Christmas Tree, will be available for purchase with gems.

You can check out all the other changes in the patch notes down below:


Seems like a good update. The only thing that bothers me is that the rechargeable stuff is not that visible. I preferred the gold coloring. But it is fantastic to see that you react to our feedback :heart_eyes: well done and I wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year <3 :christmas_tree:


" Rechargable powers will still consume charges when you have it."


For all that are confused:

The rechargeable modules use up your charges/points and once you have 0, it will be endless. Seems to be legit but kinda tricky for tournaments.


The rechargeable modules should NEVER use energy…
does it mean every game will use energy now unless u have 0 energy left?


? The rechargeable powers have infinite uses if you run out of power points. You only spend energy if you use a power that is not rechargeable and has no more power points.


so line is wrong about this :-


Yes, this should say charges/points.


Better? :joy:


Ship collision is a lot smaller now and more similar for each skin.

Ships are a little bit smaller.

Thats a nice step in the right direction. Having different hitboxes for different skins is kinda weird anyway.

I just want to see curving skills coming back to CFPro.


Great update overall :heart: But I agree with guys above that rechargeable powers using energy is counterproductive and this detail should be reverted. This new system is just ridiculously confusing and will be way more so for people who don’t read the forum (and skip the patch updates in the game), who are surely the majority.

Since the last updates, there was a ridiculously large amount of questions in the chat from newbies about the system and if it’s possible to play when running out of “energy” (which in their minds was usually the same as power points??). And it was despite that truly this previous system with “free” powers was really straightforward, and yet apparently so hard to grasp for so many.

The new system, they will be trying to understand as:

  1. You simply have three free powers, which for whatever reason they renamed “rechargeable”.
  2. Hm, but I’ve used them and it eat my “energy”!!
  3. Stupid buggy game!!111 I use free powers and my energy decreases!
  4. Ok, I understand now, it eats my energy because those powers are actually not free.
  5. I mean, they are not free… But if you use all their “energy”, then they will then become free!
  6. But only for two games, after those two games three other powers become free.
  7. But hey, it makes no sense!! Those three powers don’t become free at all, because I still had 4 “energy” on them! So I used them, I lost 2 energy, and now they are not free anymore because the powers have changed!
  8. But gosh, those new powers don’t become free either, because they will only eat their own energy and two games from now I will get another “free” powers! And they will also not be free because I still have some “energy” on them! So I just keep playing with “free” powers, and they’re never free because they eat out my points from crates despite being “free” (so why do I even bother playing to get those crates???), and as soon as I could actually start playing with them for free, they cease to be free!! And I need to play with other “free” powers on which I still have energy - so they are not free at all - and before I could start playing them for free, they will also not be free.

And so on, and so on. Honestly, the current system was so simple in comparison, and so many newbies anyway were complaining about “pay to play”… I really think after a new system that much more complicated is introduced, a huge lot of newbies will just understand from that there really are no free powers anymore, and as soon as they run out of “module energy” and “this global energy… how does this work anyway?”, they will need to pay. And they will not want a system when they eventually “need” (in their understanding) to pay, so they’ll not want to play the game.

Also, I agree with the 1st answer, that the design where free/rechargeable powers very standing out in the library was much more clearer. Just keep the modules free in the previous sense of this word, and keep it gold in the library so that no newbie can miss them, and keep this great change that free modules refresh every two games. This system will be very straighforward to understand even for the newbies: you have free powers, you have non-free powers, you get new free ones every 2 games, all is clear.

PS. If you think people have too much points/energy for a system where 3 modules are actually free, then there’s already a solution for that here: free daily energies being removed from the shop. And if you still think it’s too much [I really don’t think so - this is just a temporary state because the pros got a lot of power points as a reimbursement, so at the moment there is indeed an excess of power points. But it’s a one-time temporary situation], then let basic crate give only XP, and better crates 1/2/3 power points. But keep the free modules actually free, or a huge lot of players will get the feeling that the system moved from “almost pay to play” to “100% pay to play”.


is daily free 2 energy entirely removed … or just removed from the shop?


haha i love what u wrote. On point.
This update definitely complicates the game even more.

If i am using rechargeable powers it should def. not consume “charges”. It would also simplify the system a lot and noone will ask that chain of questions then .lol.


it is entirely removed


I can’t say that I understand this update, but merry christmas and have a happy new year everyone! You guys have been working you Butt’s off this past year, and deserve some rest!
Or I think all of y’all are working, rojoss might be eating cookies and making noflavor do all the work :wink:


Free daily energy has been removed from the shop

Wow, why? :c Aww i know, money…




Boy do they seem to be showin’ their love for money these days…


Because players were not using it, they were just saving it, which was not good for the economy of the game and could also negatively affect future updates. And it was removed at this time as we also gave another free way of trying different modules multiple times a day that does not consume energy.


Recharging does consume charge though…as for saving, do you mean it used to build up? As for not using it…a good idea, that might also make the game more interesting, is giving it away immediately. As soon as the person logs in and gets past the changelog, a message should appear saying, “Two free energy!” and a claim sign.

In fact, it could start off with 1 free energy. Every 10 levels you gain, you get 1 more free energy per day. For example, on level 10, you start getting 2 free daily energy. This could get players to level up, which they may pay for. It works out since higher-level players generally have more powers to spend the energy on.