Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 20-06-2018 | 1.1.0 | 1.1.1 | 1.1.2


The new update rolls out today with lots of new features as well as many important changes and fixes that will help improve the Curve Fever Pro experience. Let’s have a look, shall we? :grin:

PATCH 1.1.2

  • Copied links now have HTTP added in front.

  • Fixed spectators not being removed from the game when they leave during the game.

  • Host no longer transferred during the game

  • Chat is now visible when waiting for next round as spectator.

  • You will no longer see the incorrect ‘earning a crate’ message when all your crate slots are full.

  • Fixed an issue with bullet spawn sounds being played multiple times when the bullet exploded.

  • Module upgrade icons jumping animation was removed.

  • fixed not in queue error when leaving the queue

  • Fixed duplicate leave messages.

PATCH 1.1.1

  • Fixed a bug where throwable items didn’t work.

  • Fixed a bug where disconnected players were not removed - they would not turn grey and you were able to get points from killing them.

  • Fixed a bug with ‘‘player leave’’ messages.

PATCH 1.1.0


  • Private rooms can be created to play with friends - the rank earned/lost here is half of what you can get in Quick Play.

  • Spectate private rooms.

  • Chat with players before and during matchmaking - you can also see a list of all online players sorted by rank difference.


  • Modules are no longer locked on ships, they can always be moved around - to be eligible to earn a crate you need to install two modules that have no crates.

  • Modules are no longer downgraded on lower level ships - a level 6 module on a level 3 ship will behave as a level 6 module (not as a lvl 3 as before).

  • New users are no longer called guests, instead you can choose a username or get a random one.

  • Basic crate in the shop has been replaced with a mystery crate - you can get any crate (basic/bronze/silver/gold) by opening this including the new mini crate.


  • New main menu with a lot of community focus - news, change logs, forum feed, featured video and more.

  • New splash screen with ship species and username selection.

  • Crates now have their own menu which can be accessed from the top bar.

  • Species progress is now visible in the top bar and can be expanded.

  • Social and feedback buttons always visible on the side.

  • New module browser and module cards.

  • Module browser and configuration now done in the room.

  • Quick Play screen with chat and player list.

  • New video background.

  • Overall a lot of improvements to the interface.


  • Steer-less not as effective across all levels.

  • Single shot no longer creates a hole.

  • Thin self duration doubled.

  • Spread angle for Trigon double shot increased.

  • Mine travel speed significantly increased.

  • All ship levels now have the same speed.

  • Turn speed for all ship levels has been rebalanced to be more similar.

  • Initial modules for Tetragons changed to thick fever and jump.

  • Removed fine steering delay.


  • All players in private games get a bronze crate.

  • Cost to retry for a better crate reduced to 10 gems.

  • Gems received from unlocking a new ship reduced to 50 gems.

  • Daily crate has been removed.

  • You now get ship points by winning (1st,2nd and 3rd place) a game of Quick Play when not eligible for crate.

  • You no longer get coins or gems as game rewards.

  • Reworked contents of crates to compensate for the changes above.

  • A new type of crate added: mini crate. It can be obtained for free in the shop as part of the mystery crate.


  • Fixed a bug where player names and colors were all mixed up.

  • Post game results screen overlapping elements.

  • Shop always being in euros. (only fixed for new users)

Coming soon

  • Lobby with list of rooms.

  • World cup event.


I love this update

" * You now get ship points by winning a game when not eligible for crate."

i have orgasm now



Little bug I guess… :stuck_out_tongue:
Also, it seems like some people cann’t throw their fevers.



Once all bugs are fixed (fevers, homing, time bomb + double info when people leave the room) and all new things are implemented (lobby), this could be a really good update. I’m pretty sad about my favorite one shot being nerfed ( why devs, WHY? :frowning: ) , but apart from that … Good job! Especially ship points for win is an amazing innovation. On the other hand, it will be quite hard to get gems unless you are ready to pay for them. But I guess that was intended…

Oh and I almost forgot - pls take a look at inactive players, you can get points for killing them again which is obviously not fair … Thx!


What I like so far:

  • 1-shot nerf
    Game gets back to the old cf skill, you cant shoot your way, you have to think about it!
  • Ship Points for win
    Well thats an advantage for the elite players
    You can better control which ship you want to uprade and make easily 500+ points on 1 day
  • Queue chat & and playerlist


  • Double shot spread range (difficult to handle)
  • 50 instead of 100 gems for next ship lvl
    That was not neccessary, for the newbies it was a way to get fast gems with upgrading low ships and they could buy some researchers


Awesome update <3 thx c:


Trigger dont work, repair it please devs <3


I had bit of mixed feelings about the update and the whole new operating system, but after playing for a while I think I’m warming up a little bit for it! At least matchmaking seems to be severally quicker than before (or maybe it’s just an user rush after the update, we’ll see later). Also as an eternal noob I was doing at the games better than normally, by accidentally cutoffing others thanks to the same speed ships.

After the module bugs will get fixed, I’ll give you guys big thumbs up and a virtual hug from your hard and great work. And remember, even the most nagging players on the chat will get used to this eventually :wink:

(but goddamn you guys, why, WHY did you have to remove the ability of making holes into the curves by shooting it? </3 </3)


Lol 4month too late but yeayyy…bantonout I need a new bitch u wanna replace mrs. legolas 4 me…would appreciate it…

Just let the FKN soap drop…

peace and respect 2 all of ya…



and found a very big disadvantage for the players that are playing on standalone…
u cant use the link for custom…


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I really like this update. The only disadvantage is nerfed one shot. I loved this module and I used it in so many games but now its quite useless.


one shot is still very usefull, just only for killing.


for posterity, old gui look :smiley: XD


I love this update but I just want to say that when I open my crates, I find a bug where it is very glitchy and laggy. It doesn’t even show how many + points I get for modules and ships


Also, I would recommend giving more ship points at the end of game




Was this truly your intention that equipping a ship with only one modules gives “you’re not playing for crate” because 2 fresh modules are not installed?

During the early stages of the game (I think from Newbie to halfway through Fanatic) I consistently had not enough modules unlocked for a large part of time (depending on if I had discovered not unlocked modules) to play with 2 modules on all the ships I already had, yet playing a ship with one decent module (e.g. speed) was enough to get decent crates. And for a short time of game I had so few modules compared to ships that best strategy for me was to play with one ship that had no modules, and if my enemies were of similar level I still could’got some bronze crates from it quite all right. I don’t think this should be disallowed now.