Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 20-04-2018 | 1.0.16


April 13th, 2018 - update 1.0.16
We’ve got a small update for you today, with some fixes and improvements!


  • Further improvements for overall matchmaking speed.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed performance issues with hide self.
  • Game winner announcement not displaying the winner.

Gameplay balancing

  • Turn speed while firing laser reduced from 10 to 5%
  • Fever trigger radius for all levels reduced by 25%


Hope the matchmaking speed is something real.


Oh it’s real and it’s actually good :smiley:


New matchmaking is too quick to get fair matches, every other game is like the one in the picture for me.

Imho matchmaking in 1.0.15 was much better in the fairness aspect and it was fast enough for me.


tbf im not complaining since I only play for crates xD


Does Homing missile still not work?


Nice update guys