Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 18-10-2018 | 1.4.0


NEW :sparkles:

Control a missile shooting turret while dead! :rocket: :boom:

  • Both the turret and the missiles can be controlled.
  • It will launch a missile every 3 seconds.
  • The missile has an attack of 20 (2%).


  • Bullets, fevers and mines now render as smooth as the ships.
  • Bullet collision is more accurate now.
  • Power upgrade animation is a lot quicker now.
  • New players will now get a hint that the powers are not yet charged when they are on cooldown.
  • A sound is played when trying to use a power that is on cooldown. :notes:


  • The tips in the game have been removed.
  • Effect timers such as reverse no longer have an icon.


  • Fixed an error that caused the game to crash at the end of the round/game.
  • Fixed issues that caused the servers not to perform well from time to time.
  • It now correctly shows the amount of XP you earned at the end of the game.
  • There should be fewer errors with getting game rewards.
  • Fixed some timing issues with the new tutorial from the last patch.
  • Finishing the tutorial no longer gives game rewards.


:scream: :scream:


Very nice update! Happy to see this one being released c: :blush:


These turrets are stupid as f***…

Like you are encouraging player to do suicides on one another, because the longer you will survive the more people can steal your points without any consequences… so again, you are punishing people with actual skill.

Rather create “expert” mode and “beginner” mode, where in beginner you can do this kind of sheet and in expert the skill is rewarded.

As much as this game have potential and after 5+ years actually got close to a good, fun game for people of all ages, now this sheet is becoming a child’s game where everybody should be equal and ppl with shitty skills will have some handicap so they won’t feel so bad…

Really don’t like how this game is turning toward after the cool-down power-ups update.


I liked the update, apart from one thing regarding the turrets:

When you’re in a 1 v 1 situation at the end of a round, and you’re the leader; you usually get focused by every single turret. I once played a game where I lost around 15 points because every turret was coming for me, and then I had to also think about the path and to dodge my opponents modules, and possibly hit my own modules.

Things get too much then, so I recommend to maybe take turns in terms of turrets? Say for instance a queue, where half of the players that die gets to be a turret and the next round the other half gets to be a turret while the others are simply dead. 2 turret shots + the final enemy’s modules sounds better than 4 turret shots and the final enemy’s modules in my opinion.


Nice update, but I agree with ZedLeppelin that it gets too much when all the turrets decide to team up on you :confused:

Also I still experience lags… My settings are on ultra.


"Tired of waiting while being dead?"
No I’m not, why was this even a concern?
Was this really a result of feedback or was this one of those ideas someone randomly came up with and thought was cool?
I was cool with curve fever + projectiles, I’m not down with curve fever touhou edition
People don’t chat with me anymore ;~;


just remove turret, normally i dont complain but now i deserve it, missile are only a better way to be focusen when you are leading (and it let less time to talk with friends ;c) + this is buggy af, just remove them and people will be way happier


the regulars will, I think
tho I think with this update, they’re catering more to newbs


Pls devs,now focus on the regular public demands, turret feature is good but not a definitive one,we demand better fps performance as a priority,i would to battle in perfect conditions ,that is the only im hoping,thx for reading and pls consider this like a priority


Well, the time when I died earlier was the only time when I could chat with someone (or take a sip of coffee), now you disabled this option. Why do you think you needed to disable it?


Aside from the turret, bug fixes and all other changes, the past period we have focused a lot on server performance because that had a higher impact compared to render performance.
The servers are running really smooth now, so now we can push forward the render performance again. :tada:


They have been focusing on the noobs / younger people since CF3 ( at least most of the time ) , because they seem to think that kids playing in school have more money than older people . I’d be curious if there have been an increase of user base since this change of approach. @Rojoss ?