Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 18-01-2022 | 3.1.0 | Stats, records, player profiles & more!


Yeah it’s too much work for now, converting skin designs to actual skins in the game requires a lot of work from me it probably takes like 10 hours of work for each skin at least.
Some day I plan to make the process a bit easier to make skins or hire someone who can do it for me but not gonna happen any time soon.


Yeah it’s on the backlog already, was planning to put it in this release but it already got pretty big and wanna shift focus on other things first :slight_smile:


alright, was not aware coding the skins took that much effort, my bad. I just want to help in some way.


Patch 3.1.3

  • Added a new camp gamemode (Smaller field, default settings (no powers, no pickups), no gaps, better spawning, no pre match and no scoreboard.)
  • Reduced the max event feed messages.
  • Event feed messages are now faded out after some time.
  • Reset gaps passed round stat and records for everyone
  • Reset best camp stat for everyone
  • Fixed the user context menu opening the profile instead of other actions (right click username)
  • Fixed camp stat so it’s always tracked even if you leave the match.
  • Fixed timed challenges showing invalid times.
  • Fixed text wrapping on tooltips (social buttons with long urls)
  • Fixed letter avatars not being clipped properly.
  • Fixed team games in match history and match details not showing rankdiff.
  • Fixed some typos and some other minor text changes


Czech crowns (CZK). I am not sure myself if it really changed but it was just my thought


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