Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 17-09-2019 | 1.9.8



  • Free-for-all (FFA) is back as the main mode for Quickplay.
  • Read the dev blog for more information.
  • Your displayed rank is now the FFA rank. At this time, FFA is the only game mode enabled.


  • Fixed Homing missile not hitting sometimes.
  • Fixed occasional lag spikes on the servers occurring when a round ended.


No major issues with this update as far as I know. There happened to be some lag spikes for me! Not sure if that is me tho.

Also the new featyre of getting points for going through holes is cool :heart_eyes: but as I mentioned on discord, hideself should not trigger the animation of going through a hole. Also if you go through a single hole twice or more times you dont get extra points which is kinda sad.


From our stats it looks like there is currently an issue with the servers which causes a small lag spike every 10 minutes (on some servers). We are looking into it :slight_smile:


Ahhh finally end of team mode! :smile: I hate team mode cuz I hate playing with leavers or not doing anything guys… Thanks for that!


That’s why you are searching for friends bruh…:joy:


??? Bruh idk what are u talking about… :laughing:
( Maybe)


i’d like to thank all devs for spending their time on producing such a hard task on a team mode ,i was eager to see how great this mode was gonna be and the outcome was positive imo,at the start it was difficult to understand this new mode (it’s intuitive i know,that’s me ) also i was hardly swore every now and then,but it’s ok, bc was my fault for trying to play with some periods of lag :joy: ,conclusion:i like all modes and i’ll be looking forward for the entire version of it



Thanks guys >3