Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 16-05-2019 | 1.7.5 | VIP


:star: Introducing the Curve Fever Pro VIP :star:

Read more in the latest dev blog.


  • Added VIP memberships - can be purchased in the Shop.


  • Reduced size of some assets, initial game load time slightly improved.


  • Rank decay should now work as expected -> not playing for 7 days = (your rank - 1200) * 4%
  • After leaving a custom room the in-game sounds and music will correctly be stopped.
  • Disconnected players are now shown as transparent in the top-left scoreboard.
  • Ad-skip heart particles no longer spawn when using Hide Self.

PATCH 1.7.6 (May 17th)

  • Fixed an issue with rank decay not working as expected.
  • New design for the not-enough-gems popup.


Is it possible to match player profiles with forum profiles? It would be nice to have star even next to your forum profile. I am buying it just to support the game and this would be nice benefit :slight_smile:


Currently the forum accounts are not connected to the game, therefore I am not quite sure how that would work. If devs decide to link them up it would for sure be a nice feature.


Forum account linking won’t happen for a while for sure.
The linking system itself is not too much work but linking the existing accounts would be quite a lot of work and be quite a challenge.


@NoFlavor so if I don’t play for 7 days… Let’s say due to vacation, I will lose like 1392 trophies?!? Because I’m gold 4 and 1400-1200 = 200 and 200*4% is 8 so will I will be at 8 rank???

You will only lose 8

:trophy: (1400 - 1200) * 0.04 = 8



will it work in game as well as in the bot on discord?


Yeah but we found out it doesn’t actually work properly right now :stuck_out_tongue:
We’ll look into it again.






Fee youu :disappointed_relieved:

Wait so after 7 more days I’ll lose 8 again or is it each day… Also how it’s (your rank-1200) *0.04 does that mean you will get more rank if your below the 1200? Because let’s say 1000 rank. 1000-1200= -200 and -200 *0.04 = -8 so would you gain 8 because , you would be losing -8 trophies. And as far as I’m concerned isn’t 2 negatives a positive? Sorry if it’s unclear


You will not lose rank if you are 1200 or less :wink:


holy frick thank you