Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 15-03-2022 | 3.3.2 | Gameplay & balancing changes


well u see the mod @hohoho help me stay on the game and told me some thing why should i stay and play the game


ok, good for you.


yeah this was an early comment. a couple hours of playing convinced me that it got buffed lol. I prefer harder to aim higher steal shots to this noob friendly laser


Hi, does somenone know how this exactly works :

Cause my rank decaid from 1650+ the 31/07 at 00:22 to 1500 the 06/08 at 11:48… So there were not 7 days, and I lost more than 150 points. :woozy_face:

“30 (points I suppose) per week of inactivity” --> Uh ???


You have to play a ranked match in order to be considered active. So it is possible your last matches were unranked and it was over a week since you played a ranked matches. As for it being over 150 points, I do not know.


Thanks Sheep, I didn’t know unranked matches didn’t count in the activity… And indeed, those matches last week weren’t ranked…

OK, so the last ranked match before was the 24/07 at 20:33, and the 1st ranked after this was the 06/08 at 11:52 : more than 7 days and less than 14.

So the question is now : why didn’t I lose only 30 points ? In fact, that’s not the first time I dont play for a while and I find my account at exactly 1500 (Dia 0)… So it seems the rule is not that we lose 30 points per week of inactivity, but maybe we go back at the “base rank” (Gold x --> Gold 0, Dia x --> Dia 0) ?

It would be cool to have an answer from the staff about it, and about this too : “Decayed rank is converted to bonus points which can easily be earned back when playing again.” --> How does it work ? I’m not sure to see those “bonus points” in my matches since yesterday. :smiley:

In fact, points in general are not very important for me, but I like when things are clear, that’s all.

I have sent a message with those questions to Rojoss : if he answers, I will share the informations here. :wink:


There’s a bug with rank decay where it’s decaying too much.
So it’s not working as intended currently.


OK, thanks for answering, no problem with that and now at least it’s clear. :+1: