Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 15-03-2022 | 3.3.2 | Gameplay & balancing changes



  • Reduced collision precision for thin curves which improves performance.
  • Collision checking should be a bit more performant
  • Changed fever hits in a match challenge to be a bit easier.
  • Rank decay changed to 30 per week of inactivity. (was 5%) - Decayed rank is converted to bonus points which can easily be earned back when playing again.
  • Rank will no longer decay below 1500 (was 1200)


  • Fixed turrets not stealing points some times.
  • Fixed turrets stealing more than 1 point some times.
  • Fixed turret hits some times counting towards bullet hits stats.
  • Fixed marking ‘I’m here’ on the AFK timer not working.


  • Curve rotate speed changed to 3 degrees (was 3.15)
  • Gaps collision improved - Previously you had to go exactly through the center and the collision would stick out of the line. There are three smaller collision circles now instead of one bigger one.
  • Teleport can now cross the border but it has a max travel distance.
  • Reverse fever now also swaps up and down keys.
  • Thin will also give you a turn speed boost now.
  • Shield can now reflect bullets allowing you to steal points with it. - When you reflect the bullet you become the owner of the bullet and you will steal points if it hits a player.
  • Laser will deal less damage when sweeping. (nerf to laser + corner/180) - The further away from the starting angle the less damage (0 degrees is 12% and 15+ degress is 6%).


  • Laser rotate multiplier increased to 0.08x (was 0.05x)
  • Thin turn multiplier increased to 1.25 (was 1)
  • Shield size increased to 50 (was 40)
  • Angle turns duration increased to 6s (was 5s)
  • Mine activation delay decreased to 0.5s (was 0.6s)
  • Time bomb trigger radius increased to 110 (was 100)
  • Time bomb explode delay decreased to 0.5s (was 0.55s)


  • Laser max attack decreased to 12% (was 14%)
  • Laser min attack set to 6% (was 13%)
  • Homing missile attack decreased to 6.5% (was 7%)
  • Homing missile search radius decreased to 40 (was 45)
  • Homing missile explosion radius decreased to 15 (was 30)
  • One shot explosion radius decreased to 15 (was 30)
  • Side shot explosion radius decreased to 15 (was 30)
  • Double shot explosion radius decreased to 15 (was 30)
  • Multi shot explosion radius decreased to 15 (was 30)
  • Multi shot attack decreased to 11% (was 13%)
  • Scatter shot explosion radius decreased to 15 (was 16)
  • Jump defense decreased to 7% (was 9%)
  • Jump cooldown increased to 4.5s (was 4s)
  • Thin defense decreased to 28% (was 30%)
  • Shield duration decreased to 1s (was 1.2s)
  • Shield defense decreased to 25% (was 32%)
  • Angle turns defense decreased to 28% (was 30%)
  • Trigger bomb activation delay increased to 0.5s (was 0.45s)
  • Trigger bomb attack reduced to 12.8 (was 13.2s)

PATCH 3.3.3 (March 15th)

  • Fixed shield stealing all (or a lot of) points.

PATCH 3.3.4 (March 16th

  • Fixed gap points not working.
  • Fixed AFK timer appearing too early. (now shows after 75 seconds)
  • Laser rotate multiplier decreased to 0.06x (was 0.08x)
  • Laser duration increased to 0.45s (was 0.4s)


I like it!


Ty guys! Can’t wait to try it :smiley:


is laser going to be dead now? it just got a double nerf


Nice one!

The nerf to lasr tho backfired xD it got a HUGE BUFF … it is literally easier to hit someone that with homing :smile: and I mean the old homing that used to go through walls …

The issue is the turning radius increase immo!!! You can turn so fast that you easily cover up to 5-7 cms on the screen :slight_smile: WAY TOO STRONG!!!


i have mixed feelings rn
RIP the homing jump smurfs tho :smiley:




PATCH 3.3.4 (March 16th

  • Fixed gap points not working.
  • Fixed AFK timer appearing too early. (now shows after 75 seconds)
  • Laser rotate multiplier decreased to 0.06x (was 0.08x)
  • Laser duration increased to 0.45s (was 0.4s)

PATCH 3.3.3 (March 15th)

  • Fixed shield stealing all (or a lot of) points.


Laser is better! The decrease in rotation helps in the sense that you hit less people! Not sure how it affects the damage drop-off but that is mostly for Laser + (180/Angel). Haven’t tried those yet.

Shield might have too little of an activation time.

Other then that, nice changes!


Rotation isnt a problem for me since I use angle :slight_smile:
Cooldown change will help a lot though


oh nvm i hate this update


At first I thought it’s a BUG but cmon why on earth would you decrease the power of shield. I know it’s only 0.2 seconds but it changes a lot. Before my win rate was high now I basically cannot do anything as for example the laser hits me with its beam as it lasts longer than shield…

This is just plain nonsense. The shield should have 100% defensive power against all the powers.
That’s how it should be. I don’t know how it will be but it certainly can’t stay like this because it’s stupid to play a game where you are only a target that cannot defend himself.

Hoping for update/repair as soon as possible.


I think the shield is better now than before since it reflects missiles. If someone is standing close to you and side shots you, it’ll reflect back at them and steal their points instead
I think this is more than worth 0.2 seconds of immunity
Rojoss please nerf scattershot and zap steal percentage; one zap in the final round can take like 50 and get you from first to last. It’s way too overpowered, and zap and scatter take no skill or aiming; all you need to do is stand next to them and it’s 25% of the points you have gone.


I agree with you point for shield! It definitely got better. Yes it’s activation time got shorter. What in fact changed though is how you have to play with shield now. You cannot play it like one used to. It actually got some attacking potential now. It counters scatter users hard! You will have to get used to the timing but it will be a different kind of good.

As for scatter and zap. I really disagree. Well yea they steal a lot. But it is not the easiest getting close to someone and even if you manage to do so, most of the times you lose points in the process as well.


Cough Speedzap Cough


Good patch. I like it


please undo the stuff with the gaps,
steering is 10 times more difficult now


I like it actually xD


using laser is more easier to hit them with i like it a lot

this is by the emoji programmer bye


I thought you quit.