Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 13-12-2018 | 1.5.1


i dont like the new design eh, it just fked up (sorry for swearing) my brain. idk how to play anymore
and btw the air death are back xD


@NoFlavor, does it come with a default skin?


wait. what advantage did you got from the old ships back then? never changed mine ;DD


The higher level ships had smaller surface area and it was harder to shoot them.


I love how only mods buy gems…


oh xD Yeah my skin (jungle) has a huge ship now( I think the hitbix is same tho)


ye and right now some of the free ships have “extended” hitboxes (wings) meaning even without visually brushing against the adjacent line, you could die if you’re close enough to it.
I have candy cane, it doesnt have that problem and it’s ship is very small too.
I think candy cane is the best ship/color right now.


ouf. hitbox should be the same / very similar


maybe not cuz i can feel the better defense of candy. The candy ship looks big but it’s hitbox doesnt extend to the back.
Or maybe i am wrong.


I’d just notice that at least 1 of those who said “no” to buying gems has bought xmas skins. :’)

And on the hitbox side, you might be right - the pink ship feels like it has a smaller hitbox.

EDIT: I’ve just been able to play with the 2 xmas skins (one of them as a prize for the tournament and the other because mod (init). While they look different it seems to me like the hitboxes are the same. The different wing sizes don’t matter as its only the white central bit which makes a difference. Maybe they are different shape but they’re basically the same.