Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 13-12-2018 | 1.5.1


Hello everyone! :wave:

Curious to find out more about the update? Make sure to check the newest Dev Blog! :sparkles:

You can read the latest patch notes regarding the customisation update down bellow!

Guide: Understanding your Powers

Awesome <3 Thank you c:


Yeah finally skins :smile:


Skins but… If i want to have a x-mas skin i have to pay 6 euro… I prefer candies like in cf3.


But not all skins are for money. Or they are?


They aren’t but I want to have x-mas skins and i don’t like skins for 250 gems.


LOL than just take the wallet and say bye bye to money :smiley::wink::laughing:


And did u think christmas skin red-white or christmas tree skin? Are they both for pay?


Win tournament = Free Xmas skin :3


Candy cane and x mas tree was “free”(you had to earn 900 candies for candy cane and 300 candies for x mas tree)
in cf3.


And now tree is free or no?


No. You have to pay :slight_smile: And you have to pay for candy cane too!


Oh thats not cool… I thought tree is at least free. But I will win tour and get it :laughing::joy::smile:
P.S. Just dont make tour to 24.00 again… So I wont need to go as last time and I was playing soo good :persevere::disappointed_relieved::smirk:


It can be my last month of playing this game.


Why last month?


Shitty updates…


Me too…


Thats not true… I like them. U dont like new skins or what?


I don’t like the updates, they ruin the game
The last two especially


@anon47800002 The gems must be cheaper for me…
Does anybody buy gems?

  • Yes
  • No

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