Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 13-11-2018 | 1.4.8



  • US servers! - By default, you will play with opponents in your own region, after 20 seconds you can be matched in any region.


  • Added a setting to lock region for matchmaking in your account.


  • Reworked the splash page to match the new style throughout the game.
  • Users that subscribe(d) to the newsletter during registration will now actually receive emails.


  • Prefered region of all users has been reset, it will automatically get the closest one again. (can be changed in your account)
  • Reduced points stolen for most powers, see previous blog for more info.


  • Fixed some issues with the event feed on the bottom right.
  • Fixed other score issues, there are still a few known issues left.


  • Scatter shot attack to 137 (was 131)

  • Brake defense to 1230 (was 1180)

  • Angle turns defense to 1500 (was 1200)

  • Thin defense to 1450 (was 1200)

  • Hide self defense to 1220 (was 1160)


  • Single shot attack to 147 (was 165)

  • Double shot attack to 163 (was 198)

  • Side shot attack to 170 (was 200)

  • Multi shot attack to 166 (was 198)

  • Homing missile attack to 82 (was 83)

  • L.A.S.R. attack to 118 (was 155)

  • Mine attack to 101 (was 105)

  • Time bomb attack to 100 (was 118)

  • Trigger bomb attack to 125 (was 176)

  • Stealth bomb attack to 64 (was 78)

  • Clock block fever attack to 104 (was 125)

  • Thick fever attack to 122 (was 133)

  • Reverse fever attack to 82 (was 101)

  • Steer-less fever attack to 116 (was 129)

  • Speedy fever attack to 104 (was 121)

  • Lorez fever attack to 120 (was 131)

  • Blind fever attack to 115 (was 120)

  • Trippy fever attack to 109 (was 121)

  • Speed defense to 1020 (was 1050)

  • Jump defense to 1120 (was 1200)

  • Shield defense to 1170 (was 1340)

  • Zap attack to 192 (was 202)

Guide: Understanding your Powers

yes, Yes, YES, YESSSSSSSSSS! Thank you thank you thank you! I love yall!

Thanks for buffing my scatter!

Sorry another update–> Umm, if I select US server i can not play or chat with EU players like most of the playerbase?


You can still chat in Quick Play with EU players. If you host a game, the server will be in US. If you play in QuickPlay it will first try to find games in US, if there are none, it will also search for EU players. You can see the region you play on by opening the in-game fps meter (press ~ ).


Alright sir, Thank You!


Lel ping decreased now to 170,nice ig,before was 270,thanks blessed developers


In some games my ping was on ~1170 :joy: fun to play with that haha



My comb got nerf of 69 then now of 88 xD! Why you hate me that much


Laser and trigger didnt deserve that much nerf devs, those are in the top 5 of the hardest item to use, and they are almost doing No damage now, not fun


Same for me, I actually hadn’t had overly much problems with lag even at the times when people complained the most (not saying it was ideal of course :wink: ), but after today’s update it’s much worse for me than even back then when the first of big lag-improving updates started to come several months ago :frowning: (I’m from the EU)


I actually have a problem. The same day this update comes out, where US servers are introduced, CF2 servers have had an even more major decline. There is almost a 1 second delay between every action. Really? Did the devs just take server space from CF2 and transfer it to CFPro?


all of this dam hater is out her getting mad at me because i cut them off a match they are calling me to name an shit i well rate this game for bad sportsmanship.
thank you


U know i used this combi as well to play for rank. Tbh it deserved a nerf it was OP. Ik its hard to admit that if your favourite combi gets nerfed but it is how it is and maybeit wil get buffed again next time :joy:


Nope :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Nothing changed with CF2 servers.


Okay, CF2 works fine on the American servers, but when I try to play CF2 on the EU servers, I get frequent and large slows, as well as chat and room delay. Is there any explanation? It was fine the day before this CFPro update… :frowning: