Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 13-09-2018 | 1.2.7


We have reworked how the network lag is handled.

Previously when another player was lagging you would see their curve flopping around because it constantly had to correct the predicted movement.

This has been changed so that everything above the threshold (100ms) is moved on to the person that has the lag.

This means that if you have a bad network connection it will be harder to play the game because you’ll see the other players flop around, but other players aren’t affected by your lag as much.


  • Reworked how network lag is handled.
  • Ships now move smooth based on your performance.


  • Skip tutorial is no longer visible until the tutorial has started.


I hope this update will help with the lag issue.


Please do this for cf2 too.


Just deployed a client update for the smooth ship movement.
It’s A LOT smoother now :heart:


Still got server lags though :’(