Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 13-08-2018 | 1.2.3



  • You can now report players by right-clicking their username anywhere.


  • The rank has been reset for everyone because of the new game mode.
  • Bonus points will convert quicker to rank points now, resulting in bigger rank differences.


  • Performance with holes created from explosions.
  • Players that leave are now removed from the game. (The field will also shrink based on the players left for each round)
  • The final scoreboard now displays shared positions and the correct crate.
  • Added back the event feed, now shows the points stolen/lost and the total.
  • Moderators and developers now have icons in front of their name.
  • You now always see your own score above your ship.
  • Native render resolution is now the same as your screen size.


  • Fixed looping animations like stealth mine not working properly with lag.


I really like this :+1: