Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 13-07-2018 | 1.1.10


Another update coming your way on this lovely Friday. This update brings back a clearer ship progression from level 1 to level 8 as well as some other tweaks and fixes. You can check out a list with all there is to know about the update down below. :cookie:


  • New ship designs!

  • New energy indicator design so it’s more readable.

  • Setting for custom rooms to be ranked/unranked.


  • Improved in-game (top-right) score list design.

  • Add modules to in-game score list when expanded (player is dead or pressing tab).

  • Replaced 3D ships in the menu with the new 2D ship designs.

  • You can no longer register an account with a fake email.


  • Fix an issue with in-between rounds and post-game scoreboard when players didn’t have two modules installed.

  • Score above the ship is only shown at the start of the round.

  • Being able to get duplicate modules in your inventory.


Veni, vidi and left again. :pensive:


Go add rank reset, much gm players leave from game. Its hard to get up points.


Is there now any way to know your opponents levels (Expert etc.) any time earlier than when the 1st round ends?


really guys is it so difficult 2 let the last ship played being the first one choosen next game…i mean how many times we had this topic…nice updates but again upside down…if u started with these game play you would have had a chance…million years ago


one last hint than you´ll have a chance …make the energy base xhange…not by random but by time …than we have fair ops…


Sooo … I played a game today. The menacing flames from my level 8 pentagon instilled fear in my opponents. They were in such awe by this divine presence that they could not accept playing against such an entity. They humbly refused to play against my ship, so they all left the game 2nd round - giving me my easiest victory so far.

Just imagine … imagineeeee someone actually paid thousands of euros to buy these ships only for him to be told “nah, we got some new art so we are taking that away from you, thanks for the money though!”… idk is there no shame when such decisions are made without considering what effort/money people have put into your company? Lol honestly do you not feel shame at all?


exactly this is what i told month ago…dont pay u will be pissed… and they did it dozens of times not only ones…but hey dj that the prize of testing…fu geert 4 asking me this 3 month ago-----told u this…but i know im a hater…


In my opinion these trys to fix the mistake of update 1.1.7 are already too late.

Testing the new ship design 2.0 in some crate games and seeing like 0 old / good players.
The game is so dead, ofc u can blame the summer break, but I think most players left because of the new design…

Btw with my critism (sometimes a bit direct) I’m trying to help you guys. Just have played a lot of new mini games and have seen some increasingly fast and also some that shut off. I ve learned from their mistakes and trying to give some tips with my experience because I still think this game has so much potential. You guys did so many things right and it would be sad, if this game dies cause of one unconsidered update!