Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 13-05-2019 | 1.7.4 | balance



  • In-game scoreboard in the top-left corner now also shows player names and badges.
  • You can no longer enter more characters in the chat input than allowed by the servers, so your messages will no longer be truncated.
  • Servers performance: users are now automatically disconnected from the servers if they are AFK for more than 30 minutes.
  • You can now see again ads shorter than 10 seconds instead of getting an error loading the ad.


  • Pickups will no longer spawn while ad is running in pickups mode.


  • Laser cooldown decreased to 6s (was 7s)
  • Zap attack increased to 22.6% (was 21.5%)
  • Curve-blind attack increased to 13.6% (was 12.9%)
  • Clock block attack increased to 10.3% (was 8.9%)
  • Reverse attack increased to 7.4% (was 6.9%)
  • Time bomb attack increased to 12.6% (was 11.4%)
  • Stealth mine attack increased to 9% (was 8.8%)
  • Brake defense increased to 14.2% (was 0%)
  • Jump defense increased to 7.5% (was 0%)
  • Speed burst defense increased to 8.9% (was 0%)
  • Shield cooldown decreased to 6s (was 8s)
  • Thin defense increased to 23.6% (was 0%)
  • Thin effect-duration increased to 5s (was 4s)
  • Hide self cooldown decreased to 5s (was 6s)
  • Hide self effect-duration increased to 3.5s (was 3s)


  • Single shot attack decreased to 16.9% (was 18.6%)
  • Double shot attack decreased to 17.3% (was 18.9%)
  • Side shot attack decreased to 15.7% (was 17.5%)
  • Multi shot attack decreased to 17.1% (was 19.1%)
  • Thick attack decreased to 12.1% (was 13.5%)
  • Low-res attack decreased to 12.3% (was 13.2%)
  • Trippy attack decreased to 12.9% (was 13.5%)
  • Speedy attack decreased to 11.8% (was 12.2%)
  • Steer-less attack decreased to 12.4% (was 13.4%)
  • Mine attack decreased to 10.5% (was 11.1%)
  • Trigger bomb attack decreased to 12.3% (was 13.6%)
  • Shield defense decreased to 10% (was 30%)
  • Thin size-multiplier increased to 50% (was 25%)

Guide: Understanding your Powers
Property Rants on 1.7.4

Honestly my opinion: I quit the game.

  • Speed, Zap already insane: BUFFED
  • Fevers insanely OP: BUFFED (Ok some got nerfed but by 0.5-1 % points :joy:, but they still are better then mines)
  • Shots hitboxes still trash: NERFED but didn’t help cause they still hit like insane shots which are just crazy
  • Shield: NERFED :joy: sure nerf the only defence to shots :joy:
  • Hideself: BUFFED gl against players that are more time invisible then they actually are visible

Don’t want to be only negativ but this just sucks. Only good thing: Thin got reverted to it’s previous form.


Hi Line,

We try to make all powers balanced. That also means powers you might not like to play against.

The main gist of this update is to nerf most of the shots.

As for zap: It turns out that people have a hard time actually using their zaps. That is why it is buffed.
Fevers are just mildly rebalanced, and many fevers have also been nerfed
Shield cooldown got actually reduced and the defense got reduced. It got rebalanced, but I don’t think it got weaker
Hideself: this is a test, we like it but it might be too much, lets see


I mean cf2 players will say that cfpro has never been about curve control, but the biggest problem now isn’t that shots steal too much but that hitboxes are dumb. Surviving is punished with turrets and AOE powers (inc shots with their huge explosion radius which goes through walls). Like if a shot hits you even though it shouldn’t be possible to, you don’t care if it stole 57 points or 50 points.

I get why newer players who can’t aim properly will probably enjoy being able to aim better, but in that case why not just make it so that different maps have different sized ships?

It is currently basically impossible to dodge shots without corner, so if you want to win when starting in 1st with 240+ points, you can’t unless you have both corner or shield and weak opponents.

Its one thing to have all the powers balanced, its another to have the whole game balanced. The last few updates have reverted the gameplay back to how it was/ possibly even worse than August/September last year. When basically everyone agreed that everything stole too much.


I get that some powers should be buffed even if I don’t like them :joy: (those I like btw most of the time get nerfed :joy:)

But Owl is right the game is possibly less balanced as it was back in September, sadly.


Guys can you please tell me why ur buffing zap… I did some rough math and I figured with scatter shot and zap back to back, someone with 200 points will go to about 120 points… That’s a yikers dude, especially when I would get into matches with lower ranked people, they catch me off guard… I go from 1st to 5th yikes. So that means a lot of trophies lost. Why you guys nerf my time bomb :sob:… But why u nerf side shot lol haha. Also do you guys know when the update is live??


Ping me on the forums when the game gets balanced again; i’m takin’ a break.


It is already.


Yeeeeeeeeeeeet thanks


I don’t want to be rude, but you are just making arguments based on your “calculations”. You do the math, think that it’s relevant, but you forget to really think about it. Real gameplay can’t be described with only numbers you created to be relevant.
Like if zap isn’t used by so much player, it’s not a solution to buff it. Who had it before are now in an irrelevant advantage. With this zap, you can sleep for 3 rounds, than rush for the leader, zap and suicide. And ba-dum-tss, you won. Is this healthy for the game? I don’t think so.


Yea that is correct… Actually oops


Agreed, Zap is basically the new meta for people who like to AFK.


Nice update. It goes right imho.
Except for the shots’ hitboxes that have to be reduced of course.
And about the combo hideself-zap which is too OP now. :slight_smile:


I guess Line, Owl and me like completely different modules and combos. But we all (and some other players too) agree that balance was really almost perfect before “friends” update. It seems that all the players liked it. I’m not sure I’ll get the answer but I’m really curious why did you need such a big re-balance update? (I mean re-balance which came together with “friends” option)


Geert said this in the discord server:

Basically, cfpro is turning into another shooter game.


That’s fake, right? @Owl


It is not literally what he said :joy: but ye basically that is what he said.


You’re right, just editted it to being exact quotes.


I would like to read his arguments.
Because yeah, I agree with you by saying that the game was nicely balanced before the friends update.
Even though it was not perfect.
I currently think that powers are well balanced between them but not the game itself.
I already think that powers steal too many points. If they really want to increase the stealing rates by x1.4, yeah the cfp we know is over. Cfp was a game between survival and stealing points. That’s why I’ve spent hundreds of hours here.
If every round but the last is useless because in the last you can steal 100+ with only 2 shoots and that surviving is punished with turrets. Well, it’s getting something else. Maybe players will enjoy it but a lot of experienced players will quit it.
That’s why I would like to read his arguments, maybe to figure out something I missed. But unfortunately I don’t think the game is taking the right path.



Besides, it might teach children the wrong lessons lmao