Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 12-10-2018 | 1.3.7


Nooo, my favorite and main power was nerfed! :frowning:


Generally i think this is a very good patch!

But some things r a lil crazy :joy:

  1. Lasr was OP --> gets buffed --> now it really is legendary :joy:

  2. Scatter on lvl 8 deals now 253 damage. Zap on the same lvl deals 390. I dont see why the only two close range weapons in the game shoulld have such a big difference in power. Before the patch a lvl 8 scatter did 330 (which is still 60 points less then zap) :cry:

  3. Ships being so equal is kinda sad for those who actually bought researchers (@Paul_21cl, @NICK… ) and tried to lvl up their ships in the past. I get it that the main focus shoulld be on the modules but it would be nice to have some difference their otherwise it could be one ship only :ship:

But for the rest … imo … u guys did a really really good job :tada:


That’s interesting. Could you reveal more details how do you measure it? Is it average number of hits per match that’s taken into account, or per round, etc.?

Cause depending on the details of the methodology, it might quite well be biased against short-range weapons like scatter shot and in favor of long distance weapons like laser or homing. With scatter, to gain any points you need to risk a lot by getting close to the opponent, so it might often produce games where you gain and lose your points many times over. You do a lot of steals when you take the risk and succeed, and you’re stolen from a lot by opponent’s shots and ZAPs, when you take the risk and don’t succeed (often both at the same time).

On the opposite end of the spectrum, when playing laser most players almost never intentionally get themselves into close encounters unless the situation forces them to, everyone with laser tries get themselves out of opponents’ reach and then attack when they have a lot of space around them to aim their shot. So even though the laser attack very often fails (cause I don’t negate that aiming laser is hard indeed) and hence the number of successful laser attacks is much smaller than the same statistics for scatter - nevertheless the laser player will also receive significantly smaller damage in the meantime, on average.

But it won’t make laser subject to buff and scatter to nerf, it’ll just mean that if you want to win the match with scatter, you need to have a higher number of successful hits (w.r.t. the weapons’ attack values) than the laser player will ever hope for.


We balance the game based on how easy it is to hit other people. At this moment we don’t take the amount of points of the people you steal from, or the risk you take into account. However, we do have an update planned where we can actually get that data and do balancing based on that. We would also take survivability into account. But for now, we only look at how many hits you can get in and some gut feeling.


That’s great to hear <3 and your gutfeeling was actually pretty good in this update ^^ except for scatter :))))


You missed a speedy fever buff on your list. Its damage was also increased to 130 @NoFlavor


I see, so I venture the guess that indeed both the nerf of Scatter and buff of Laser and Homing were the result only of this methodology taking only the successful hits into account, rather than actual usefulness of the weapons.

I might be wrong of course, but in my opinion before you have the better data it would be quite interesting to see the very simple statistics of how many times top players win / get #2 / #3, with each module. This will have other biases of its own, but if it turns out this is (e.g. for scatter vs laser), glaringly different than the results of the first methodology, then it will show the first statistics was simply not right.

IMHO it could be better if you just relay on gut feeling more (after all you and XCS play a lot, so you will have a decent gut feeling), as the statistics that only takse into account the successful hits will probably always have a much higher bias regarding defensive vs offensive modules than your gut feeling does :smiley: Great to hear there are more elaborate data coming too, though, so it’ll also be interesting to see how much the current version will get re-balanced due to better data :slight_smile:


Good update @Geert