Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 12-10-2018 | 1.3.7


This is a balancing patch that also improves server performance.


  • Ship turn-speeds have been equalized.
    (Each ship used to have a different turn-speed. As the focus now is more on powers rather than on ships, we decided to have all the ships turn at the same speed.)



  • Speed burst duration changed to 3s (was 2.5s);

  • Clock block fever attack increased to 150 (was 120);

  • Curve-blind fever attack increased to 140 (was 110);

  • LO/REZ fever attack increased to 140 (was 110);

  • Reverse fever attack increased to 130 (was 100);

  • Steer-less fever attack increased to 130 (was 100);

  • Thick fever attack increased to 140 (was 110);

  • Thin cooldown changed to 7s (was 8s);

  • Trippy fever attack increased to 140 (was 110);

  • Z.A.P. attack increased to 200 (was 180);

  • Side-shot attack increased to 200 (was 190);

  • Homing missile attack increased to 180 (was 150);

  • Time bomb attack increased to 120 (was 70);

  • Trigger bomb attack increased to 220 (was 130);

  • Mine attack increased to 120 (was 70);

  • Stealth mine attack increased to 100 (was 70);

  • L.A.S.R. attack increased to 180 (was 150).


  • Speedy fever duration changed to 2s (was 2.5s);

  • Scatter shot attack reduced to 130 (was 170);

  • Multi shot attack reduced to 240 (was 280).

Every Power at Legendary status: how do they compare?

bye forever


This is the point, where you switch off the medical machines of a coma patient to let him die…


I like most of the stat changes (times of speed vs speedy is a good idea to resolve “useless speed” imho, let’s see if it makes speed being used more), but this

is a large mistake in my opinion. Scatter was not OP before, and now it’s 2/3 of ZAP. It’s not only nerfed but also 50% of other weapons are buffed, and it’s a weapon where you don’t even have 100% chance of hitting the opponent even if you aim well (unlike ZAP). So it’s a big nerf and this weapon will simply become strictly inferior to ZAP for most practical purposes.

Those two were badly needed :slight_smile:


I can’t believe there isn’t more outrage at this.

It’s what drove me to get a better ship. Now, meh.

Was there some sort of poll to ask “how best can we F this up?”


Just another normal update - nothing wrong here.


I just got my new lvl30 ship minutes ago.
I am so excited that now i can ride my new ship with the same size, same thickness, same speed, same curve radius and the same modules. Such a cathartic feeling! -.-"


scatter was uselles after last patch, so why r you killing it?


Because, why not?


Yup… RIP :skull_and_crossbones:


as for scatter, I was also very surprised. However, we balance on how often pro players hit other players with a power, and it turns out scatter is still very usefull to hit other players with it. That is why it is nerfed. We take into account that other powers are also buffed


but from watching all the feverspam somebody had the brilliant idea of instead buffing every fever
:ok: :ok_hand:


Well, I’m sure you devs knew that you’re going to disable any priority the level of the ship can give several days ago when you had this “fantastic” proposal to buy researchers just for 500 gems for a month. I spent it to get better steering for my ship. And just a few days later you make a version where ship upgrade doesn’t make sense at all after level 25. So I could just spend my gems on modules, and it’s pretty a lot (10000 gold). But who cares? You only need to play like 1 month each day to get it back.
So, please, can someone from the devs answer to me why you made a special proposal a week ago to spend gems on researchers when you knew people actually give it just for nothing? Because it makes sense only if you’re going to make new modules, but it’s weird considering that existing modules are not balanced at all even now.
And advice to everyone: if there’s a “special proposal” to buy a new module or something like that, beware: devs can disable it soon.


great, now divide everything by 2.


Wow, that sucks!

You should get those refunded. (* I hope)


Laser and Homing got an undeservedly buff. Laser was too good before, now it’s even better.

Remove laser altogether, because it is a clear shot once you get used to the laser, and playing against 3+ lasers in a tournament was a stupid match.

You have to keep in mind that people use laser to slow them down (and not only to shoot people out), thats why, stats regarding it were off.


While I think that its really unfair on the individuals that spent time and money on the game to upgrade ships and powers, I personally think the equalising of ships is a step in the right direction. At the moment it takes months of daily playing before you have the powers at a level to even consider competing with stronger players. The next step in my opinion will be to get rid of the differences in power levels. The only thing then that you unlock as you go on is new modules and new aesthetics.

In order for this to be less unfair on players who have invested so much money and time in the game will then be to grant players “premium” membership of the game for an extended amount of time depending on the amount spent and amount of coins earned/spent on powers etc.

I honestly just get bored playing against players with low level powers - its not fun at all.


I remember I started a new account and got GM in three days. I’m not sure reducing levels of modules will change anything, newbies will still be destroyed by gms.


By the way what about new reward for winning the game (not for a crate)? +3 for your ship progress seems to be nothing now (after level 25).


Isn’t thin cooldown reduction a buff, not a nerf?