Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 12-02-2019 | 1.6.1 | energy removal


Check out the change log for the Update 1.6.1 down bellow! :grin:

Guide: Understanding your Powers

The emojis are kinda small, so you cannot really say which one it is :joy:
But besides that, great update :heart: the icons are super cool, love them


…but at least they put in emojis, man.

I love the new update!


Finally no energy. Good :slight_smile:


For those of u reading on mobile:



  • Dynamic matchmaking : matches can now start with only 5 or 4 players if there are not enough players online.

  • Faster game flow: removed pre-match planet, quicker rewards screen.

  • Chat render performance greatly improved.

  • Streamer mode hides round-start indicator as the spotlight is enough.

  • Buttons in the top bar (battle pass, xp, crates, shop) have new icons.

  • Lobby and game now show avarage league icons (0-5 stars).

  • Renamed some powers to match names comonly used by the community.

  • Turret rocket now accelerates to full speed.

  • Removed power icons from in-between rounds scoreboard so it is easier to read.


  • Fixed an issue which caused first round of the game to be desynced .
  • Fixed streamer mode not correctly centered on the ship
  • Diamond rank track color in game rewards is now green instead of white.


So chests are more or less useless now?


Exactly, crates are now a relict.

I would really llike the 8 crates system with powers hidden to unlock them like it used to be.


Well, at least we don’t have to waste gems on energy anymore!
I love this update


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1.6.2. Blank screen after the countdown:



Hi, folks.

So how can I play in full room? I would like to wait ~30s-1min more to play in 6 players room than in 5 players room, where usually on average 1 leaves.

4-5 players is boring comparing to 6.

And it is a bug btw, because usually there are a lot of active players, and when you press start, it immediatelly throws you into 5-players game instead of 6, which would be possible in next 3-15 seconds. Upd. Or maybe more time… but its better to wait.

UPD. At evenings it’s ok, 6 players usually. But this morning I got 5 games in a row with 5 players :frowning:


Dynamic matchmaking : matches can now start with only 5 or 4 players if there are not enough players online