Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 11-07-2021 | 2.2.0 | Season 4 & Collision changes


It’s time for a new battlepass season!
The current season will end Friday and then the new season will start!


  • Battle pass season 4 which will go live friday the 16th!
  • Added a setting to hide your own ship.


  • Ships now have pivot points, this means they no longer all rotate around the bottom. This is especially noticeable for ships like bat and spider.
    Example: for spider the pivot was first at the red dot and now it’s at the purple dot.
  • Reworked ship collision, all ships now have the same collider collision and a seperate hitbox collision. The ship collider is at the pivot of the ship and the hitbox remains at the white cockpit of the ship.
    Example: here the jungle ship has an disadvantage with the old collision because it’s bigger and more forwards so you collide quicker. In the second image (new collision) this is no longer the case. The pink colliders are the same size and at the same position.
    image image
  • Reworked ship to wall collision, previously it used the tip of the ship, now it uses the collider collision.
  • Removed gap corner collision, previously there was collision detection on the corner of gaps.
    Example: On the left is with (old) gap corner collision and on the right is without. (new)
    with-gap-corner no-gap-corner

For more information regarding collision changes check out this post:


good job


Our hero :heart:


THX SO MUCH :smiley:


Sad no neonlight :frowning:
but still good stuff


My favorite update. That triangle ship option is a real game changer. Skins like dracula aren’t useless anymore


Yahoo!! :partying_face:

Thank you for this new update! To be honest I was getting sick of staying at Season 3 and still no 400 gems yet :frowning_face: but I will get there! Thank you once again for putting your time into this!





Feels great nice update! :heart:


Woah. Amazing. Thanks rojoss :smile: ur the best


Dude you know that it could still go in the game (the shop)


Hi there, thanks for new update, I really appreciate it, I will pay battle pass for sure.
I wanna make one suggestion if its possible for you to make it… Can you possibly make some function which changes color if there is 2 or more spider’s in same game, or 2 or more bee’s in same game or any other kind of snake? It would be cool to see red, blue and black spider on same battlefield :wink:



Nice update (we appreciate it a lot), but, with adding pivot point, it seems that all skins are like Blue and Green were back in the day.

I have spoken to other players about it and they also have noticed that the skins are heavier now and keylags happen more. The same seemed to be the case for those 2 skins in the past.

I mean, it is nice that all skins are basically the same now, but, the bad part of it is that no skins are really good anymore.

Drastical changes were seen in the Iron Man Event, especially in the 2nd challenge. Apparently, it is very-very (maybe even impossible for humans) to camp as good as they used to before. Take for example the double camps made by Odin and me. Pre update, we recorded a 2.30 camp. Screenshot can be seen from here:

After update, our best was 2.13. I do not have a screenshot of it, but, I have one of 2.07 camp):

They seem to be about to same but they are not actually because it is a visual illusion.

Thing is that probably, people lost about 10 seconds in double camping after update kicked in. Main reason for that was that people tended to get more keylags and more micro taps (very fast line adjustments) did not register correctly (it was also the case before but for me it feels even a bigger issue now because of the keylags).

Current issue is that precise movements are way harder now because the skins are like Blue and Green used to be. Some can say that they are impossible, which is not true, because, it almost always is possible to get used to something, but, it is way-way harder to do so.

We understand that you are doing your job voluntarily for the community but please, if you have any plans on bug fixes in the future, could you take it into consideration to somehow fix the issue by making all skins mediocre or good?

Even if you won’t, it is fine, but, more people would enjoy the game more, if those problems would not occur.

Thank you for your time,



no pay to win skins


Yes, but it is better if all skins were equally good not equally bad or mediocre.


Yes but still equally bad is better than paid skins are better than free ones


Well, it has some pros and cons. For example:

  • Good thing is that they are all equal.
  • Bad thing is that they are all equally bad now.


Equality and justice shall remain :raised_hands:


It’s not p2w if you don’t pay with money for the skins :d
Besides, you was also mostly using the most OP skin (Angel skin) and now you want justice? :joy:


Still since they can be paid for its considered pay to win and angelov my man u stoped playing for a long time that u forgot there is Mustafa who uses angel skin who is not me :stuck_out_tongue: im the robot guy :wink: