Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 11-07-2018 | 1.1.9


Hello everyone! :wave:
As you all probably know there has been a decrease in players since the beginning of June due to summer break. As a result, queue times can be unreasonably long. The same thing has been happening in previous versions of Curve Fever so we decided to make a tweak to the current Curve Fever Pro matchmaking system. This new system will take effect only during summer break and will result in matchmaking being twice as fast as before.
You can check out a complete list of the changes below:


  • Matchmaking is now twice as fast.

  • Players that are ready are now displayed on top of the quickplay player list.

  • The total amount of players in queue are now displayed on the matchmaking screen.


  • Fixed a bunch of errors causing strange behavior and game freezes.