Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 11-03-2019 | 1.6.8 | balance


Currently, the in-game changelog is not accurate so I’ll do this the old school way:


  • Slightly increased the matchmaking time, giving the algorithm more time to find better matches. (Matchmaking quality should get a bit better while matchmaking will take on average 5 seconds longer.)
  • Added a short ramp-up for the speed of the ships when they start to move (at round start).


  • Reworked intrusive cookie consent popup. (You now accept the cookie terms when pressing quick-play or custom games.)
  • Replays rendering quality was set to HIGH and shadows and particles are always enabled.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the page to crash when starting a game.


  • Single shot attack increased to 15.4% (was 15.3%)
  • Double shot attack increased to 16.6% (was 16.1%)
  • Side shot attack increased to 14.5% (was 14.1%)
  • Multi shot attack increased to 16.9% (was 15.7%)
  • Scatter shot attack increased to 20.8% (was 19.3%)
  • Homing attack increased to 8.8% (was 8.6%)
  • Trigger bomb attack increased to 12.4% (was 12.1%)
  • Stealth mine attack increased to 7.4% (was 7.1%)
  • Brake defense increased to 45.8% (was 32.2%)
  • Speed burst defense increased to 24% (was 11.2%)
  • Jump defense increased to 50% (was 28.4%)
  • Zap attack increased to 20.5% (was 19.2%)
  • Angle turns defense increased to 50% (was 42.7%)
  • Hide self defense increased to 45.7% (was 23.9%)
  • Steer-less attack increased to 10% (was 9.8%)
  • Speedy attack increased to 10.2% (was 9.8%)


  • Laser attack decreased to 11.4% (was 12.4%)
  • Mine attack decreased to 9% (was 9.2%)
  • Time bomb attack decreased to 9.6% (was 10.3%)
  • Clock block attack decreased to 8.4% (was 9.1%)
  • Thick attack decreased to 9.8% (was 10.3%)
  • Reverse attack decreased to 6% (was 6.4%)
  • Low res attack decreased to 10.6% (was 11.4%)
  • Curve blind attack decreased to 10.6% (was 11.4%)
  • Trippy attack decreased to 9.7% (was 10%)

Guide: Understanding your Powers

I feel like I was the only person in the top 200 using this. Time to use homing. Because ffs it was buffed. Like wtf


I appreciate that that the post is in text only and is mobile friendly though :smile:


Wait – the changelog says this is 1.6.8. If this is 1.6.7, then what is 1.6.8? (Making servers crash perhaps?)


1.6.7 was a patch: PATCH 1.6.7

  • Fixed a bug with custom games where players were added multiple times.
  • Fixed a bug with fever icons not loading properly




That’s good, really good!!!




haha i am also so happy today because of this ( and ofcourse the defensive buff :stuck_out_tongue: )


I hope you kidding! Every passives buffed to almost 50% D:


i am not. I like surviving/pathfinding element of curving a lot and not just attack/ reflex action based games (although i love both).


While it is nice that you can now win using just passives, it’s too easy. Without a passive, people will attack you even if ur 50 points behind. Also, without passive in order to steal points you have to use and aim your powers wasting space and putting yourself in danger (except homing) whereas if you’re just surviving and not worrying about attacking others, AND basically ignoring any attacks coming your way since they steal so little, (since even a well aimed spot on the last round only steals like 10 points). While powers might make sense for lower ranked games, for higher ranked matches where people all aim well, and you often get hit as many times as you hit others, powers become pointless.


Imo passives should attack to be exponentially more defensive and max stacked defense should be 50%. Eg, 20% + 20%= 50%. For now I’ll continue to abuse them.


This update is nice,might bring cf2 players in ,i hope that honestly


Using 2 passives isn’t easier than using 1 passive and 1 attack module if the goal is to win. At Least for me.