Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 09-04-2020 | 2.0.8


In this update:

  • We enabled Pickups! This should make the game more recognizable for players who came back to the game after years!
  • There will always be as many pickups on the field as there are dead players +1 , to prevent pickup mayhem
  • We disabled the reverse pickup and lowered the changes of the speed all pickup, to let people be less surprised

Custom games:

  • We tweaked the game modes, they now are:
    – Powers -> Only play with powers, no pickups
    – Pickups -> Play with powers and pickups. There are more pickups than in QP!
    – Classic -> No powers, only pickups! Very reminiscent to CF2

Other changes:

  • We increased the volume of sounds and music, so they are more in line with the ads


I thought this wasn’t being developed anymore. What’s the story?


If Maximum Pickups = dead players+1 then shouldn’t there only be max 4 here?


is that a custom game or a quickplay game?


Great to see the game receive an awesome update @Geert thank you!

I think the adjustments to reverse and speed all are great and will balance it out nicely. I noticed the survival custom mode has gone but most people playing custom can discuss amongst them to only use survival modules so its no big deal.

It would be nice to see an option though, to choose to play between no pickups and pickups in quickplay. Do you think it would be possible in the future to bring all the modes togethor and make them available in both quickplay and customs?

Teams was awesome and also that old game mode I see in some earlier cfp gifs (not sure what its called) but you had to collect ammo to shoot each other. I never tried it, it looks really fun and would be great to see that in there.

I also thought a betting system would be cool. If players could bet gems on who they think will win. I don’t know if you need a license or not to do that but it would be a great way to win (or lose) your gems xD

Thanks again!


Is dev team back, or did Geert just do the update on his own?




Guess he did it on his own. Maybe there will be some minor updates in the future, but do not expect anything bigger for now!


It was called “Laser Wall” and there was the energy orbs system in this gamemode.

It would be cool, but just for official tournament events. If players bet for every game someone else is playing, they could easily cheat just to get more gems. If players bet in the beginning of the tournaments (and only not participating players do so), they would have a chance to win the bet and it would be way harder to cheat on that.


There really should be a way to turn off Pickups for quickplay. Pickups are fun on occasion for smaller matches, but imo they get really annoying quickly. Games seem to be much more luck based and end way too quickly because of the randomness of pickups. Especially in games of 6 people, there’s just way too much chaos going on. I’ve noticed many other users are not a fan of this update as a result as well. Please add an option to turn off Pickups for quickplay


An option for quickplay won’t happen for sure! It is either or!


Okay, Please SOMEONE, tell me this is a very late april fools update!!???

It’s horrible. Totally horrible! All skill advantages are just gone. Good in curving through very small paths to save your life? HAHA SCREW YOU! (big+speed make curving impossible). Were you better then others in aiming? HAHA SCREW YOU! (now everyone can hit everyone, you make them big, you make them slow, and gotcha). Were you the ultimate dodge champion? HAHA SCREW YOU! (dodging is impossible now)


Laser wall, cool thanks! Yeah that makes sense about the cheating with gems. For tours would be awesome to raise the stakes.


@Geert Thank you for your work ! New player here.

I came back to Curve Fever a few days ago (after years, like you mentioned). And I didn’t mind pickups being gone at all. The Powers mode is awesome and the game is more addictive than ever !

Even though Pickups are a fun take to the game, they can get REALLY chaotic… and quite annoying on extended game sessions. This view is shared by most players I’ve encountered since the update.

Please consider rolling back this change.


Im enjoying the new pickups, it’s definitely improved and I feel I can enjoy it more now reverse is gone. Spammers are at an advantage though due to being able to “claim” pickups but its going to be difficult if at all possible for closer range players to adapt so I can understand a bit of frustration over this replacing the powers mode in quickplay.

If it’s either/or with modes as @Line said then I’d vote:

Quickplay: Powers
Customs: Powers, Pickups (with powers), Teams

This way quickplay remains as it was and people can still play pickups or powers in customs where they can discuss what modules to use. That way classic/survival could be replaced with teams. This would give players some extra choice of games to play whilst keeping things largely the same.


Im so happy that you added a new update!
This update made the game kinda easier


Great to see that the game is under active development :slight_smile:
I see the pickups as a great addition but they really shouldn’t be the default for quickplay.
The point of the game is being skill-centric and pickups add a lot of super frustrating randomness to the gameplay.
Especially when “grow all” is being collected the 3rd time before the first one even cooled down.
Being triple sized happens really often now.
I would opt for a quickplay without pickups or on option to choose between quickplay with and without pickups. Otherwise the game will become a lot less enjoyable in my view.



First update in 7 months!


This update sucks.


This update… This update…:frowning::anguished::angry::rage: It’s not even April 1st