Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 08-05-2019 | 1.7.2 | ads


:tv: Skippable ads have been added before the match starts.
Read more about this in the latest dev blog.


  • A video ad is now shown before the first round starts.
  • Any player or spectator in the match can skip the ad for everyone for 10 gems.
  • The one who skips the ad will have heart particles around his curve for the first round and the others can thank him by pressing [SPACE].


  • A new mobile controls scheme has been added and it is now the default - LEFT/RIGHT buttons on one side, UP/DOWN buttons on the other.


??? Nobody will ever do this


This update will go down in curve history as the worst one.
I love this game, community, devs, mods etc so much but I really hate this way of making everyone (even those with adblocker) wait so long b4 the match.

Maybe 10 gems is too much.
I don’t like this.


Ok here is my review to this:

  1. ADS, fine with me. But as I said before every single game might be a little too much and I guess it is. Waiting for 30 seconds completely takes out the excitement and concentration out of me.

  2. The skipping seems to be a little expensive and I don’t think that many will choose to skip. I would suggest to bring gems back to crates if you want to leave it like this. Something along the way of gold crate 10 gems, silver 6, bronze 3 and basic 0.

  3. A confirm skip button would be nice.

All in all I believe the placement of adds, before games is NOT good.

However here is some ideas:

  1. Adds before you can open a crate.

  2. Watching adds to get some gems (with a daily limit I guess)

  3. As mentioned above either lower the cost of skipping or give us a way to earn gems without really paying.

  4. Adds above the chat and below the score (permanently through out the game, obviously no video ads then)


Someone did it my last game, we all gave them lots of hearts.


Ok guys,

usually I am not the person who writes things in forums but this update deserves a comment. First of all monetization is not bad. It’s ok to do it. But if you do. Do it thoughtfully. I am a developer myself and understand this aspect.

I don’t know how old my account is (maybe the devs can tell me). I guess max. 2 months or so and I am sure that I am one of those players who play the most matches a day.

Let’s take a closer look at the quotation “Skippable Ads”. A skippable ad is as the name implies, skippable at any time. If I have to pay to skip an ad, this is only partially skippable and in my opinion does not deserve the name “Skippable Ad”.

Let us assume that my account is 2 months old. In these 2 months I have played 747 games. Thats about 12 games per day. During this time I collected 190 Gems which are worth 4.99€. To skip an Ad I need to pay 10 Gems (0.26€). So I can skip exactly 19 Ads with my 190 Gems. If I play two days now (12 games per day) and skip all ads, I’m out of gems.

What I mean by this is that you collect gems so slowly, that no one would ever skip an Ad! For example, a skin costs 250 Gems. I did not even get 250 Gems in the two months to buy a skin! Why should I start and burn my gems to avoid advertising for exactly 19 games? No one will buy gems only to skip ads. Never!

Under these circumstances, the word “skippable” should be deleted. Ok, so we now know that nobody will skip these ads. So when I play 12 games a day, we come to 9.5 minutes of my day, where I’m forced to see things I do not want just to play a fast game of Curve Fever…

Frustrating enough that players can not even get skins or the battle pass in a reasonable time without paying money. On top of this you are adding “Skippable” Ads which frustrates playes even more. I think you get the point here and I am pretty sure that many players, sadly, will stop playing Curve Fever because of this (me included).

Instead of dropping the prices of Skins and the battle pass for example you are adding a feature that will cause players stop playing the game. If you want to generate more revenue you should improve the game instead of dropping big and long ads in front of every game.

Just an idea: Why you do not create the ability for players to create their own small tournaments? Like Sit-and-Go’s in Poker. The creator of a tournament could choose a Buy-In in gems and other players could join and play to win more Gems! A tournament would have game rooms base on the number of players.

For example:
buy in: 10 gems
players: 18
total gems: 180
1st wins: 54 gems
2nd wins: 36 gems
3rd wins: 27 gems
and so on…

first round of tournament:
3 games a 6 players (normal game). The last two of every room are getting eliminated.

second round of tournament:
2 games a 6 players. Last three are getting eliminated.

third round of tournament (Final room):
6 players fighting for the prices.

This would bring you more money because players would buy more gems and it would bring a cool new mechanic to the game.

Furthermore, leagues could be created which take place monthly and where you could win gems. Just some fast ideas to bring more people to the game and generate more money.

So if players would have more gems the skipping of an Ad would not be this expensive anymore and would not destroy all the gems the player earned by playing this cool game.

I hope you will find another way of implementing Ads beause i really enjoyed playing Curve Fever.



Well put, sir. :handshake:


Nice idea with the mini tours + the leagues. That would actually motivate me to play good again :joy: atm I am mostly trolling.


I could be ok to spend 10 gems if only there was a way to win those gems!
For the moment it takes months to win 10 gems, and too much real money to buy them.
Ads are teh evil.


its so expensive lol


Instead of getting skins from the battle pass we should be able to unlock them from crates (then crates wont be as useless). Every skin should be ranked by rarity and every rarity needs a certain amount of unlocked pieces from crates to unlock. If u want go to and log in. If you open a potion you get some stuff and an unlocked piece of a skin. That is kind of what I would like to be added to the game.


Crates are currently there to make progress in the game and unlock every type of power. Something like this would be cool tho. You should get XP and some skin-points I guess.


more xp would be better but too op