Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 07-10-2019 | 2.0.6 | New Powers



  • Power Burst
    Speed up and dash through lines for a short duration.

  • 180
    Rotate 180 degrees while leaving a hole that clears lines.

  • Teleport
    Throw a token that, when activated, teleports you after a short delay.


  • Fixed pickups not spawning in custom matches.

Guide: Understanding your Powers
Guide: Understanding your Powers

New Powers!! Yay


My feedback:

  1. Lasr got hella nerfed and you didn’t even mention it… that is kinda sas imo!

  2. Power Burst: It is good for dodging but the immobility can make it hard to atk!

  3. 180: Ok, kind of a brainfuck :joy: but fun

  4. Teleport: Seems pretty balanced and super fun after playing a bit <3


My feedback:
Now this game is laggy and has got a texture bug

Ive never saw mine pickup…
And power burst looks like a dot…
And all powers look laggy…


u play mobile??


As far as I know Laser was not buffed or nerfed. It does, however, have a bug: the guide before the laser goes off doesn’t appear anymore (the white line). It will be fixed tomorrow.


From what level we gonna be able to use them (sry i cant log in yet) xd


@Paradox yes I play mobile and this screenshot is from my 3rd account


Did you get the idea from me or you already had it on your new powerups list? :3

Add a new Powerup

Lastly devs have been nailing it ,good job dev team​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Here’s what I think about these new powers:

  • Power Burst- It’s a very short burst, but it can be useful if you are (for example) are in very tight spots and you want to skip a line in order to obtain more “space”.

  • 180- Setups and taking a sharp turn from a boundary are the first two things that comes to my mind.

  • Teleport- Speed Burst, but it’s better.


Awesome <3