Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 07-05-2022 | 3.7.x | Stability & network improvements


A bit of a delayed changelog but this update addressed a lot of network improvements and bugfixes.
For even more technical details check out the changelog details in the game.


  • Added input lag reduction setting to allow 40ms reduction.
  • Disconnected players now show an icon above their ship.
  • Added an icon indicator when inputs are rejected due to poor connection.
  • Ship HUD overlay (tab) now also shows pings from other players.
  • Debug overlay now also shows ping from other players, lag and network sync data.


  • Added a delay of 1 second for spectators to hide visible lag.
  • Better connection handling to disconnect you from the game when you lose connection for 5 seconds.
  • Having a bad ping (>300ms) will now result in other curves being more laggy rather than other players seeing you lag.
  • Lag compensation adjustments and network synchronization happens in the background now
  • Lag switching is no longer beneficial due to the improvements above.
  • Improved game loading so the game has enough time to synchronize the network.


  • Fixed not being able to rejoin a match.
  • Fixed being stuck in room when trying to spectate.
  • Fixed several out of sync (desync) issues which caused airdeaths and other bugs.
  • Fixed some issues with collision which caused airdeaths.
  • Fixed dying on small bits of curves that are barely visible.
  • Fixed explosions leaving small bits of curves behind.
  • Fixed an issue where users that have not logged in for a while coudldn’t login
  • Fixed some matches having more lag than other matches due to the different servers.
  • Fixed several issues where the match wouldn’t end.